Go Green With Carrier HVAC Products

Carrier is a leader in eco-friendly HVAC manufacturing and design.

Go GreenAll too often when attempting to go green, we tend to focus on how our use of a product affects the environment and forget about the impact of the manufacturing process. Carrier has excelled in both areas. Not only have they created highly efficient HVAC products that conserve energy, they have also made a concerted effort to reduce waste at their manufacturing facilities.

Solar City Partnership

One way Carrier is helping the planet and its customers is by partnering with SolarCity to encourage the adoption of solar panels for residential power. Currently, Carrier is offering a promotion where homeowners can get a $1,000 rebate off of a new Carrier product if they agree to install solar panels made by SolarCity for power. With Carrier HVAC equipment already being highly energy efficient, these products should pair well with solar power, especially in sunny southern California.

LEED Gold Certified Manufacturing Facility

Carrier’s commitment to green, energy-saving technology can also be seen at its own manufacturing plants. Recently, Carrier’s newest plant located in Monterrey, Mexico won a LEED Gold Certification from the US Green Building Council. The plant, which has 6 assembly lines manufacturing commercial rooftop units, features the following green accomplishments:

  • 89 percent of construction waste is recycled
  • 100 percent of materials meet LEED low emission standards
  • 97 percent of the building receives LEED recommended levels of daylight
  • Water usage was reduced by 96 percent or 1.2 million gallons per year
  • Only recycled water is used for toilets and landscaping
  • A green cleaning policy means fewer harsh chemicals are used to clean inside the building and maintain the grounds

Get Carrier Products at General Heating & Air Conditioning

When you’re looking for green products, it often helps to start by looking for a green manufacturer. That way you know that protecting the environment is a real priority for that company and not just a sales gimmick. At Carrier, environmental sustainability and energy conservation is undoubtedly a priority. If you are interested in purchasing Carrier HVAC equipment for your home or business, contact General Heating & Air Conditioning. We are an award-winning Carrier dealer and our experienced staff will be happy to show you our extensive inventory of Carrier products and help you choose the best one for your home or business. We can also provide professional installation of any products you choose to buy to ensure they deliver the promised performance.