3 Vital Functions of Your Air Conditioner

AC does more than just keep you cool

3 Vital FunctionsFor most people, the most important function of an air conditioner is its cooling power. However, cooling is in reality just one of the 3 vital functions of an AC system. Here is a brief overview of these three functions.


Naturally, keeping indoor air cool and comfortable is the top priority of any air conditioning system. Depending on the size of the space being cooled and the architecture of the building, you may be able to choose from central air, a window AC unit, or ductless AC for a residential property. Large commercial buildings typically require special rooftop systems to deliver powerful and reliable cooling.


Another very important function of an air conditioner is dehumidifying indoor air. Even in dry regions like southern California, moisture can become trapped inside a home or business, making the indoor air much more humid than the outdoor air. Fortunately, the very process that creates cooled air within the AC unit also dehumidifies that air. This dehumidifying action is the reason that AC units must have drains to remove the water that they condense out of the air.


Finally, air conditioning is important for ventilation. Whether you have central air or a window or wall unit, your air conditioner will be helping to circulate air within your home in order to keep spaces from feeling stuffy. You can even run your AC on fan mode instead of cool mode if indoor temperatures are comfortable and you just want a bit of fresh air moving through your home. By running the AC on fan mode instead of opening a window, you get the benefit of having the AC unit’s filter catch any outdoor allergens like pollen that may be trying to sneak in.

Not Satisfied with Your Current AC’s Performance?

If you are not completely satisfied with your current air conditioner’s cooling, dehumidifying, or ventilating powers, contact a professional from General Heating & Air Conditioning. We can inspect your entire HVAC system to identify the root cause of your dissatisfaction. You can rely on us to provide an honest and accurate recommendation as to your best course of action for solving the problem, whether it be buying a new unit that is properly sized for your space or making a simple repair to your current air conditioner. We can also recommend other items that will work in concert with your AC to improve home comfort, such as humidifiers, ventilation fans, and air purifiers.