Energy Audit

An expert home performance contractor in the San Gabriel Valley helps you get the best possible efficiency & air quality from your HVAC system

Home Performance ContractorAs an expert home performance contractor in the San Gabriel Valley, we take a whole-home approach to addressing your heating & cooling needs. This means that if you’re having issues with your heater or air conditioner, we don’t look exclusively at the unit itself for the source of the problem. We also consider your ductwork, insulation, and building seal, as these elements can make a perfectly good heater or air conditioner underperform. After a home performance visit from us you can enjoy:

  • Fewer drafts
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Less dust in the air
  • More efficient home
  • Lower energy bills

How do we achieve this? By completing the following tasks:

Inspecting & Adjusting HVAC Equipment

If your air conditioner or heater is undersized or oversized, it will not be able to cool or heat your home efficiently and your indoor air quality and comfort will suffer. We’ll inspect & measure your home to calculate airflow needs and then make sure your equipment is properly sized.

Inspect & Seal Ducts

Home Performance Tune UpDid you know that connecting new HVAC equipment to old, leaky ductwork can cut its advertised efficiency in half? It can also introduce more dust, allergens, & noise into your home. As your home performance contractor in the San Gabriel Valley, we use diagnostic tools to detect air leakage. When leaks are eliminated you enjoy better home performance.

Inspect & Improve Insulation

The quality of your attic insulation has a huge impact on your energy costs. As your home performance contractor in the San Gabriel Valley, we can help by adding additional high-quality fiberglass insulation and/or installing Radiant Barrier Foil under your rafters.

Inspect & Adjust Building Envelope

Using an infiltrometer test, we can determine the amount of air that escapes from your home via windows, vents, and gaps in the building seal. If your home is overly drafty, we can recommend repairs to improve efficiency, and if you have very low air leakage, we can recommend a ventilator or other solution to add fresh air to your home and improve overall home comfort.