Take control of your comfort with a zoning system

ZoningYou wouldn’t want to rely on a single light switch to control all the lighting in your home. So why would you rely on a single thermostat sensor to control all of your heating and cooling? With a zoning system, you can enjoy independent precision control of the temperatures in up to 8 separate rooms or “zones” within your home. As a leading heating & cooling contractor in Monrovia, CA, General Heating & Air Conditioning can provide the advice and assistance you need to choose the right zoning system for your needs.

Why You Need Zoning

All of our zoning systems deliver many important benefits to the homeowner, including:

  • Even Heating & Cooling: By controlling the temperatures of individual comfort zones independent of one another, hot and cold spots can be greatly reduced or even eliminated, without overheating or overcooling the rest of the home.
  • Energy Savings: Because a different temperature can be set in each zone, homeowners don’t have to worry about wasting energy heating or cooling a zone that is not in use. For example, the basement could be kept at 60°F in winter while the living spaces are kept at a more comfortable 72°F.
  • Programmable Controls: All of our zoning systems come with programmable functionality, allowing each zone to be preset to achieve a certain temperature at a certain time. This allows homeowners to return to a cool home after work without running the air conditioner all day.
  • Convenience: The system is easy to use, and all of the zones can be controlled from any one of the digital thermostat panels.

You Can Rely on Us for Expert Installation & Service

In order to maximize the benefits of any zoning system, you need to get expert installation and setup. At General Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help you identify which areas of your home could benefit from separate thermostat controls and install the zoning sensors accordingly. As an expert San Gabriel Valley HVAC contractor, we can ensure your new zoning controls interface properly with your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump. When needed, we can also provide repair or service for any of these components to keep them performing their best. To learn more about zoning or any of our other home comfort services and technologies, please don’t hesitate to call.