4 AC Problems You May Not Even Know You Have

Getting routine service from a professional is the best way to keep your ac running right.

4 AC Problems You May Not Even Know You HaveJust because your air conditioner works doesn’t necessarily mean it is working its best. All too often, hidden problems can sap your system’s energy performance, boost your energy bills, and impact your home’s indoor air quality without you necessarily even being aware of it. Here are 4 common air conditioner problems that you may not even realize you have.

Oversized Unit

Many people assume when a system cycles on and off frequently, this must mean that it’s doing a really good job cooling their home. In fact, this overcycling is a sign that the system is too large for the home. This is a big problem because an oversized system will cause poor humidity control, uneven temperatures, increased duct leakage, and of course higher energy bills.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter will definitely affect your indoor air quality. You may detect unpleasant odors or notice an increased buildup of dust in your home as the filter stops being able to control dust levels in your indoor air. However, you may not realize that your dirty air filter is also causing another, more serious problem. While you can ignore dust and odors you can’t ignore the fact that your energy bill will rise. This happens because it is harder to push air through a dirty air filter, so your air conditioner will run harder and use more energy.

Dirty Drain

If the condensate drain in your air conditioner becomes fully clogged, you will notice—you may see water damage on your walls or floors or the system may stop working. But what if the drain is just a little slow or a little dirty? This problem can be much harder to detect, yet it can have a big impact on your indoor air quality. Excessive moisture in the system will encourage mold and mildew to grow, which will cause odor problems and possibly even health issues.

Low Coolant

Air conditioner coils are supposed to be closed systems, meaning you should never have to worry about your coolant levels. However, over time coils may develop tiny leaks and allow coolant to escape. Your air conditioner will probably still run fine with low coolant, but it will not be able to cool efficiently. According to expert estimates, if your system is 10 percent low on coolant, it will take 20 percent more energy to cool your property.

AC Maintenance Essential for Detecting and Correcting Hidden Problems

Of course, you’re not an HVAC expert, and no one expects you to become one. Instead of working hard to study up on HVAC problems and evaluate your system yourself, simply call General Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioner maintenance. We will check on all the vital components of your system and make sure you’re set up to enjoy the maximum efficiency, performance, and comfort in your home.