4 Common Home Cooling Myths Debunked

Learn the real facts behind 4 common myths about air conditioning.

4 Common Home Cooling Myths DebunkedAlmost everyone likes saving money on their air conditioning bills. But how sure are you that the steps you are taking are actually saving you money? If you’ve fallen victim to one of the following 4 common cooling myths, you may not be achieving the savings you expect at all.

Turning the AC Off and On Wastes Energy

Many people believe that they should leave the air conditioning on even when they are not at home, because maintaining cool temperatures requires less energy than cooling down a home that has become warm. In reality, the opposite is true. In most cases, you will save energy by turning the air conditioning off whenever you plan to be away for a significant amount of time. Your air conditioner may run longer when you first turn it back on, but it is not working any harder or using any more energy than normal.

Setting the Thermostat Lower Makes Your Home Cool Faster

When people do turn their air conditioning off while they’re not home, they tend to think they need to set the thermostat really low when they get back, figuring this will help cool the home faster. This is actually not necessary. You can leave the thermostat set at the normal temperature when you turn it back on and it won’t take any longer for the house to cool off. Plus, you won’t have to worry about wasting energy by forgetting to change the setting from a low temperature back to normal.

Bigger is Better for New Air Conditioners

This is another common myth about air conditioning. It seems many people assume that if a little AC is a good thing, more is definitely better. In fact, buying an oversized air conditioner is actually a very bad idea. It will not provide faster or better cooling; instead, it will cycle on and off too frequently, actually wasting energy. Excessive cycling will also cause noise issues and comfort problems, and potentially shorten the life of your air conditioner.

Buying a High-Efficiency Air Conditioner Equals Automatic Savings

One final myth to beware of is the idea that all you have to do to save money on your cooling bills is buy a new air conditioner with a top energy efficiency rating. Unfortunately, even the best air conditioner cannot provide efficient cooling without the proper setup and support. In order to achieve the energy efficiency promised on the box, you must also invest in:

  • Proper weatherization for your home
  • Adequate insulation
  • Tightly sealed air ducts
  • Professional air conditioner installation
  • Regular inspections and maintenance

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