4 HVAC Accessories That Can Improve Home Comfort in Winter

Combat dry, stuffy, smelly, or unevenly heated indoor air with help from these 4 HVAC accessories.

4 HVAC Accessories That Can Improve Home Comfort in WinterWhen it comes to home comfort in winter, staying warm and toasty is obviously the top priority. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have other concerns. For example, you don’t want to just live with the dry, sooty, staticky, stuffy, or smelly air that can sometimes result from less than ideal furnace operation or building design. Fortunately, improving your home comfort in winter is easy and affordable with these 4 HVAC accessories.


When your indoor air is too dry, you may begin to suffer from dry skin, chapped lips, sore throats, and irritated nasal passages. You will also probably start to notice more problems with static electricity. Plus, you might find yourself feeling cold all the time because the less moisture is present in the air, the colder it feels. You can correct all of these comfort issues simply by installing a humidifier in your home. At General Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help you choose between a small room-size humidifier or a whole-home humidifier that can be integrated with your HVAC system for convenient automatic operation.


Many modern homes are designed with very tight building envelopes. This is great for efficiency, because it helps prevent heated air from escaping your home. However, it is not so great for indoor air quality. Without the right exchange of indoor and outdoor air, your home can quickly become stuffy and you may notice the air becoming stale or smelly. One possible solution is to install a dedicated ventilator to provide the fresh air you need. At General Heating & Air Conditioning, our expert HVAC technicians can measure your home’s air flow, determine how much additional ventilation is needed, and recommend an appropriate solution.

Air Cleaner

Installing an air cleaner is another way to combat that close, stuffy, smelly environment that sometimes develops indoors in the winter. An air cleaner can not only help trap odors for fresher-smelling air, but also trap soot and dust particles that may be getting put out by an older furnace or kicked up within your ductwork. We have many air cleaning options to offer you, from air purifiers to germ-killing UV lamps to upgraded furnace filters. We can also help remove the contaminants that are dirtying your air in the first place with services like furnace cleaning and duct cleaning.

Smart Thermostat

One final HVAC accessory that can improve your home comfort this winter is a smart thermostat. Options include programmable thermostats and zoned thermostats. You can use your programmable thermostat to automatically lower temperatures overnight when you’re snug in bed and raise them early in the morning so your home is warm by the time you wake up. Zoned thermostats can be used to help ensure even heating in all parts of the home, because they allow each zone to receive the precise amount of heat it needs to stay warm, no more and no less.

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