7 Places to Use Ductless Air Conditioners

Use ductless ac as your sole source of cooled air or as a boost to your central air conditioner.

DuctlessDuctless air conditioners are extremely versatile and provide superior cooling for a variety of applications. They are especially appropriate for situations where you don’t want to add ductwork or you need to achieve highly precise, localized cooling for a specific room or zone.

At General Heating & Air Conditioning, we have extensive experience in ductless air conditioners. We know how to install them properly so that they can deliver optimum cooling without affecting the structural integrity of your property, whether you want them installed in the wall or in the ceiling.

We carry a variety of ductless air conditioner models from Carrier. This brand has been at the forefront of home and business cooling solutions for decades, and as a preferred dealer for Carrier we are intimately familiar with all the benefits of the various models.

Here are some examples of places where ductless air conditioning can provide the best cooling solution. If any of these sound familiar, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about options for your specific needs.

Historic Buildings: Often, historic buildings already have low ceilings, so there’s no room to add ductwork. However, ductless air conditioners can be added without altering the look of the property.

Attics: Connecting an attic to your central air would be problematic, because the attic gets so much hotter than the rest of the home. A ductless system would provide the ability to cool the attic separately from the rest of the home using a dedicated system that can be turned off when you’re not using the attic.

Garages: Residential or commercial garages can benefit from ductless ac. You’ll be able to cool the space without adding a register that would allow dust and odors to enter your home via your ductwork.

New Additions: Ductless systems provide a quick and easy way to add air conditioning to new additions without the expense and hassle of running new ductwork. They also work great for situations where the existing central air unit is already at maximum capacity and couldn’t handle any more space without compromising its efficiency.

Vestibules: If people are always coming and going from your business, you’ll want a way to provide a cool welcome without making your central air run constantly to accommodate the air lost when the doors open. Ductless air conditioning would provide an ideal solution.

Computer Rooms: Rooms where computer server equipment is kept need to be kept colder and less humid than other parts of your business. Ductless AC is one way to achieve this specialized microclimate.

Rarely Used Rooms: Any room that is not used on a regular basis could be set up with a ductless air conditioner to help prevent energy waste. That way, you have the power to only cool the room when you’re going to use it.