Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Make sure your air conditioning is ready for spring with this checklist.

Air Conditioning Maintenance ChecklistWith blizzard after blizzard dumping tons of snow on the East Coast and “Artic blasts” bringing record-breaking lows to much of the country, it may be difficult to believe that spring is right around the corner. However, here in sunny southern California you are going to need to turn on your AC sooner than you think. Get ready for that moment now by calling General Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your annual air conditioning maintenance visit.

We’ll make sure that all the key components on this air conditioning maintenance checklist get attention so you can enjoy reliable and efficient performance from your equipment throughout the cooling season.

Coolant: It is important to actually check the levels of refrigerant in the system rather than just top them off automatically. Too much or too little coolant can cause problems with your air conditioner. In fact, some studies have shown that a system that is 10 percent low on coolant will cost 20 percent more to run.

Filter: Clean air filters are not only essential for fresh, clean indoor air; they are also very important for energy efficiency. The dirtier your filter becomes, the harder the system will have to work to push air through and you will see increased wear and tear on your air conditioner.

Thermostat: Over time, dirt can accumulate in thermostat housings and interfere with correct temperature readings. Therefore the thermostat should always be cleaned as well as leveled and calibrated as part of your air conditioner maintenance visit.

Coils: When your condenser and evaporator coils get dirty, they become less efficient at the temperature exchange that is necessary to generate cooled air inside the system. It is important to clean the coils and make sure your outdoor unit is not blocked by shrubs or debris.

Wiring: For safety reasons, all wiring and connections should be inspected on your annual maintenance visit. This will help make sure any frayed or loose wiring is addressed before it can become a fire hazard or cause voltage/current flow problems which may damage your air conditioner.

Drains: Air conditioners do generate some condensation which needs to be drained away from the system. If the drains and hoses become clogged, you can end up with leaks that may damage your property. You may also develop mold and odor problems inside the system. An annual ac drain cleaning and inspection will solve these problems.

Blower: The fan and blower need to be checked and tested to make sure they are running properly. Worn parts should be replaced and the system should be oiled to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Motor: The motor will also need to be inspected and tested to ensure the system cycles on and off properly and does not waste energy during operation.