Are Humidifiers Good For Your Health

Nobody likes sitting in a dry, hot home. It feels like you’re in a desert with no way out, and the air conditioner doesn’t solve the problem entirely. Fortunately, humidifiers are great solutions to this issue. They add moisture to the climate and make it much more bearable. However, there are questions about whether humidifiers are good for your health. Whenever an appliance is changing the environment around it, these sorts of questions are natural and sensible. Let’s take a look at whether humidifiers are good for your health.

Alleviating Conditions

Humidifiers are good for alleviating a number of conditions. Some of the more common ones include cracked lips, a dry cough, irritated vocal cords, a bloody nose, nose irritation, a dry throat, and sinus congestion. If you have any of these health conditions, consider installing a humidifier in your home. The device will introduce more moisture into the air, and water droplets are naturally a good remedy for your condition. A lack of water droplets aggravates your symptoms and leads to discomfort in your house. While none of the above conditions is life-threatening, there’s no good reason to live with them when such a simple solution is within reach. Humidifiers are straightforward and natural. You won’t have to rely on any unknown medications with uncertain ingredients either.


At the same time, there are a couple of risks associated with humidifiers. For starters, if you turn on the device for an extended period of time, condensation could form on the walls of your house. This can turn into mold and mildew over time, which isn’t generally good for your health. Although mold isn’t a leading cause of death, it still emits particles that aren’t good to breathe in. In particular, people with preexisting health conditions are sensitive to mold. Monitoring your humidifier usage will prevent an excessive amount of condensation from forming.

An unclean humidifier could directly emit these particles itself. When the air filter in your humidifier goes unchecked for years, it accumulates grime and dirt. Your humidifier will then be spewing unhealthy particles into the air, leading to the same consequences as discussed above. Finally, burns and scorches from handling a humidifier in a dangerous manner are also commonplace. Make sure to exercise caution when touching and moving your humidifier, especially when it’s turned on.

Types of Humidifiers

Please note that there are many varieties of humidifiers, and not all of them have the same effect on your health. Central humidifiers are built into your AC and often considered simplified versions of the traditional appliance. You can’t really go wrong with these humidifiers that don’t emit steam. Evaporators use a moistened filter to expel an extreme amount of water into the atmosphere. While your room will certainly become cool, use these with caution, as they can quickly lead to a buildup of mildew.

Steam vaporizers are a final version of humidifiers. These are known to be dangerous around children, as they can easily cause burns with just a single touch. However, when used properly, they’re arguably the healthiest type of humidifier. The steam is known to have a very positive effect on all of the conditions listed above. The bottom line is that simply turning your humidifier on isn’t the end of all potential health effects. You have to consider the frequency of use and what type of humidifier has been installed.

Using Humidifiers

In summary, humidifiers are good for your health when used properly. Remember, a humidifier isn’t an official medical remedy like a prescription drug. Instead, it’s simply a means to achieve good health while improving the climate of your home. Think about the status of your health and whether an increase in moisture would do you good.

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