Attic Insulation Contractor in San Gabriel Valley CA

Attic Insulation Contractor in San Gabriel Valley CADid you know that a home that isn’t properly insulated may leak over 75% of the heating and cooling energy generated by heaters and air conditioners? Just think what that means not only in terms of the environmental repercussions, but the effect on your family budget. Think what you could do if you had more money in your pocket because your utility bills have been significantly reduced.

Well, thanks to [business], it’s possible.

Stop leaking precious energy from your home

We are the San Gabriel Valley’s premiere attic insulation contractor company. Attics can leak up to 40% of heating and cooling energy, so it’s absolutely worth the investment to upgrade your insulation right away. Your budget and your eco-friendly conscience will thank you!

Excellent quality insulation

We use the AtticCat® Expanding Blown-in PINK Fiberglass Insulation, which is one of the best insulators on the market in the San Gabriel Valley today. It doesn’t settle in your attic, eventually becoming ineffective. It’s also non-corrosive, so you won’t have to worry about it damaging the structure of your attic, which is especially important in older homes. It’s resistant to mold and moisture, so you won’t have to worry about it becoming ineffective as soon as a little water gets on it.

Tried and true techniques

At [business], we use great insulation and fantastic techniques to make sure your home is effectively insulated and save you money. We use the AtticCat® Insulation Blowing Machine that makes the insulation fluffy and well-conditioned, adding millions of tiny air pockets to enhance its insulating power to work optimally at all times. Our workers are always thorough with their work, making sure every tiny area of your attic is properly insulated. You’ll start seeing a decrease in your utility bill right a way!

Take it up a notch with radiant barrier foil

Another awesome option for improving your attic’s insulation ability is having [business] install radiant barrier foil to the underside of your attic’s rafters. It blocks up to 95% of radiant heat from the sun and effectively keeps your attic from overheating. In Southern California, where the temperatures regularly swing above 90 degrees, it’s particularly important to keep your air conditioning system from having to struggle to keep up, and this one of the best ways to keep you’re A/C system as well as your utility bills under control.

Other ways to save

As was mentioned before, simply upgrading your insulation can provide you with serious savings on your utility bills, but did you know that there are other fantastic ways to save with [business] too?

For instance, if you’re planning on selling your home in the San Gabriel Valley within a few years, upgrading the insulation will show prospective buyers that you genuinely care about the integrity and environmental impact of your home. Who knows—maybe you’ll get an offer above asking price!

Some utility companies in the San Gabriel Valley also provide customers with rebates when they upgrade their insulation to save energy. Check with your utility company about any rebates that are currently available, and don’t forget to mention who installed your insulation—[business].

Call (626) 531-0022 to schedule a free, in-home evaluation of your attic’s insulation needs in the San Gabriel Valley CA. We’ll be glad to give you recommendations to increase your home’s energy efficiency and lower your utility bills with high-quality insulation from [business]. Call today!