Benefits of HVAC Product Warranties

Basic warranties are included in the sticker price of most HVAC equipment. Since they add real value to the purchase, it’s important to consider what they provide. The following are four core benefits that are provided.

1. Predictable Total Cost of Ownership

At General Heating & Air Conditioning, we install and service all make and models of HVAC equipment, but we’re also proud to be a Carrier authorized dealer. Warranties are important to Carrier, and they’re important to us. They are also valuable to our Monrovia customers. A big reason why they’re so valuable is that they make it easier to predict the long-term cost of the equipment you choose. If a defect occurs, you know you’re not going to have to pay for it.

2. Free Parts

When it comes to furnaces and air conditioners, some wear and tear are expected. But what happens when a major component falters or fails before its time? The manufacturer warranty protects you. They will dispatch an authorized dealer to your home—usually, the same company that installed the system, if applicable—and cover the costs of all the parts that the project requires.

3. Free or Reduced Labor

Manufacturer warranties will generally cover labor as well along with travel time and other fees. Be mindful that warranties often have two or more periods, such as five and 10 years. During the first period, labor and parts may be covered entirely, and during the second and subsequent period, a percentage of the work may be covered.

4. Home Value

Warranties for home HVAC equipment are often transferrable. That means that if you sell your home, your AC and furnace warranties are transferred to the new owner. If the protection is good, then that adds real value to the home.

Learn More About Warranties Today

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