Carrier HVAC Equipment Chosen to Protect the Sistine Chapel

Carrier HVAC equipment provides world-class indoor air quality and comfort.

Sistine ChapelOn June 17, representatives of the Vatican announced plans to install a brand new Carrier brand HVAC system in the Sistine Chapel. This system must be of the highest quality in order to help preserve and protect the magnificent frescoes by Michelangelo which adorn the Chapel’s ceiling.

The new system will actually replace a previous Carrier system which has been in place since the early 1990s. This custom-engineered solution has been designed specifically for the unique climate control concerns of the Sistine Chapel, based on Carrier’s industry-leading research and development resources. It will feature groundbreaking energy-saving technologies enabling it to deliver twice the efficiency of the previous system while actually handling three times the amount of air. Measures have also been taken to make the system extremely quiet, limit the air motion around the fragile frescoes, and reduce indoor air pollutants.

Representatives of Carrier report that the new system will be installed by the end of August and will be virtually unnoticeable to visitors. In addition, Carrier and its parent company will be working with the Vatican to implement other solutions designed to ensure the safety and integrity of various Vatican museum spaces over the coming months.

Carrier has proven that their technology is good enough for one of the world’s most loved and most visited cultural sites—so we know it is good enough for your home or business too. The same concepts underpinning the Sistine Chapel’s custom-engineered technology are available to private individuals in a variety of convenient, affordable, and reliable packages.

At General Heating & Air Conditioning, we are proud to offer our clients products from this world-class HVAC company. After all, don’t your personal treasures deserve protection too?

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