Do Split Systems Heat and Cool?

Split systems continue to gain attention as more households and businesses seek energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable options. Also known as mini-split systems or ductless systems, split systems consist of an outdoor unit with connecting indoor units dispersed throughout the different areas in the home that require heating and cooling.

At [company name], our customers often ask our opinion on which HVAC setup can save them money on their heating and cooling bills. If you are considering upgrading your HVAC system or if you have a new renovation or construction project that requires a heating and cooling solution, a split system is well worth considering.

Cooling Your Home With a Split System

Instead of traditional HVAC ducts, split systems distribute heated and cooled air through pipes that connect the interior units to the central outdoor appliance. Refrigerant travels through the pipes to produce cooled air. Split air conditioning works well in older houses that do not have ductwork. They can also keep different temperature zones in your home cooler as different areas receive direct sunlight throughout the day.

Ductless systems are completely customizable; therefore, you can control how much you would like to cool each area of your house hour by hour. This level of customization will result in lower energy consumption and a reduced energy bill compared to simply maintaining your entire residence at a uniform temperature throughout the day.

Split Systems for Heating

When used for heating, the exterior unit in a split system works as a heat pump. Hot air travels through the copper pipes and into each area in the home through the interior units. During the heating season, a split system allows you to only heat the occupied rooms and spaces in your house.

You will also realize even more energy savings. Traditional ducts are prone to separating and sustaining damage. Damaged ducts allow warmed air to escape. The energy loss that takes place through damaged ducts can cause a business or household to consume 25% to 40% more energy than a similar house or business that has a split system.

Where Can We Install a Split System?

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a split system for heating and cooling is the relative ease and cost-effectiveness of installation. Our technicians are able to install a split system into virtually any type of residential or commercial building.

Even if you have a traditional HVAC system in place and are looking for a more energy-efficient option, we can leave your existing ductwork intact and seamlessly install your new ductless system. From properties that are centuries old to brand-new construction, ductless technology is compatible with virtually any style of building.

Installation Is Flexible

When we install a ductless system, we present the property owner with a variety of options for installation. We are able to install the interior units by mounting them to walls or ceilings. Some manufacturers even make freestanding units that we can place on the floor.

Whatever your architectural style or design preferences may be, we can install interior split system units in a manner that accommodates your aesthetic and functional requirements. Bring us your very detailed plans and specifications, or we will work with you to determine the most appropriate, cost-effective solution for your individual needs.

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