Do You Have a False Sense of Security About Your Air Conditioner?

Just because your air conditioner seems to be working just fine doesn’t mean you can neglect maintenance.

Do You Have a False Sense of Security About Your Air Conditioner?Air conditioning is one of those modern conveniences that has made the leap from a luxury to an outright necessity for many Americans. We rely on our air conditioning systems to keep us cool and comfortable, yet most people have little understanding of how exactly the system works or how to tell if it needs attention.

Many people take an attitude of leaving well enough alone when it comes to their air conditioning equipment. In other words, they think that so long as the system is putting out cool air, they don’t have to worry about it.

The reality is, just because an air conditioner has no symptoms of any kind of mechanical problem does not mean it does not need service. All air conditioners require routine annual air conditioner service in order to perform their best. If you neglect your routine service, your air conditioner may still work, but it may use more energy and/or wear out faster.

Key AC Service Activities

The following tasks should be completed during a routine AC service visit:

Clean or replace the filter: Besides contributing to poor air indoor air quality, dirty AC filters restrict air flow. Cleaning or replacing the filter can cut energy use by 5 to 15 percent.

Check refrigerant levels: Low refrigerant can drastically reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. If leaks aren’t detected, you could lose all your coolant and end up with no AC at all.

Clean coils: Dirt and debris on air conditioner coils interfere with the machine’s ability to produce cooled air efficiently.

Check the thermostat: Over time thermostat wiring or contact points can get disconnected or dirty. Without accurate thermostat readings you may be wasting energy or suffering needless discomfort.

Check fan belts: Wouldn’t you rather replace worn fan belts or tighten loose belts at a planned maintenance visit, rather than waiting for an unexpected belt failure to send you running to the emergency AC repair guy?

When Was The Last Time You Got AC Service?

If you feel confident that your air conditioner is working just fine, stop and ask yourself what you’re basing that feeling on. Is it an expert AC service tech’s word that your equipment is in good condition following a maintenance visit, or is it just your own wishful or hopeful thinking? If it is the latter, call General Heating & Air Conditioner today to schedule the AC service visit you need to feel truly confident about your equipment’s performance and reliability.