Does My Home Need a Humidifier in the Winter?

Let’s face it. The air in the winter can get rather dry. You will notice signs of it if you don’t feel it. Have you ever noticed how there is way more static electricity in winter? You get it in your hair or get a shock when you pet your cat or touch something metal. These are signs that the air is too dry in your house. You might also notice your skin gets pretty dry in the frigid months, as do your nasal passages. People are more prone to coughing in winter months because that dry air can dry things out all the way down to the lungs, irritating them.

The Benefits of a Humidifier

Using a humidifier in the winter can relieve these things, static electricity and all. Also, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends you keep the humidity level in your home at between thirty and fifty percent at all times for the greatest comfort and health. It is best if you use filtered water in a humidifier, as unfiltered water can release microorganisms and mineral residue into the air, which can be irritating, as well

So, yes, you probably do need a humidifier in your house in the winter, unless you live in a sub-tropical climate where it is humid outside all the time. Even in warm weather climates that are above the tropical level, there will be at least a few days each year where it will get cold enough to dry out the air. Keeping a humidifier on hand to moisten things up a bit is a wonderful idea.

When to Consider Whole House Humidifying

Of course, if you live in a cold climate, where it can get freezing for months at a time, you might want to consider a whole house humidifier. General Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. in Monrovia can help you with your indoor humidifying needs, either with a whole house humidifier or with adjustments to your existing heating and cooling devices to create a more humid indoor atmosphere.

Heating Solutions in Monrovia, CA

Remember, when the air is humid enough in your home, you will be more comfortable, and definitely healthier. It is worth it to investigate your options for humidifying your home when the cold months roll around. Let General Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. help you achieve it. Call us today.