First Time Home Buyer? Turn to Us for HVAC Solutions

General Heating & Air Conditioning offers superior Carrier brand heating & cooling equipment.

First Time Home Buyer? Turn to Us for HVAC SolutionsAccording to CNN Money, first-time homebuyers will finally return to the market in 2015. Experts point to rising rents combined with eased lending requirements and a growing supply of newly constructed starter homes as the impetus behind this predicted trend.

However, depending on where you live there may not be much new construction going on. In this case, you will be looking at older properties for your first home purchase. There are many important differences in the way one should approach buying an older home as opposed to a brand new one. Paying more careful attention to the HVAC system is certainly one of these differences.

While a new home can be expected to not only have a brand new heating and air conditioning system, it can also be expected to be properly designed to maximize the efficiency of this system. With an older home, you cannot have these expectations.

How to Tell If You’ll Need a New System

If any of these apply to the HVAC system in a house you’re considering buying, you should assume you will need to replace your heater and/or air conditioner soon and build those costs into your budget for your new home purchase:

  • The furnace is over 15 years old
  • The air conditioner is over 10 years old
  • Either unit does not have an ENERGY STAR label
  • The AC’s SEER rating is below 18
  • You can hear the system clicking on and off constantly while you tour the home
  • The home seems to have a humidity or dust problem
  • The home inspection reveals any problems with the HVAC system

Getting New Equipment

If you suspect that you will need to replace the furnace or air conditioner in a home you want to buy, come to General Heating & Air Conditioning for advice. We will be happy to show you our line of Carrier brand furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners, which will give you an idea of the amount of funds you may want to reserve from your offer on a new home.

If you have already purchased a home, we can provide even more detailed information about the types of equipment you may need. For example, we can calculate the exact size of new air conditioner or new furnace you may need for your space, and also check that the ductwork is set up properly to support the energy efficiency of your equipment.

Don’t forget, proper installation is essential for getting the best performance from your new air conditioner or heater. Fortunately when you purchase from General Heating & Air Conditioning you get expert installation backed by our commitment to excellent. Please cell (626) 531-0022 now for more information.