Furnace Tips for the Holidays

During the holiday season, and especially in the wintertime, it is expected that you should see a slight increase in the use of your furnace. With the temperatures decreasing outside, you will have to rely on the heater to keep your house warm enough. Like any other home appliance, it is important to consider the following tips when using your furnace this holiday season.

Install Ceiling Fans

Your furnace does an incredible job of supplying hot air within your house. This hot air rises to the top of your house near the ceiling, thereby displacing the cold air downward. Installing ceiling fans to circulate this air evenly within your residence helps to ensure a uniform temperature distribution.

Insulating the Ductwork

The ability of your furnace to deliver hot air evenly and efficiently within your house is dependent on whether your ductwork is appropriately insulated or not. It may help to inspect all the ductwork within your home to ensure proper insulation. This may prove helpful in your bid for energy conservation and, therefore, keeping down the electric bills.

Sealing the Windows and Other Openings

Windows, doors, and any other vents within your house will always tend to leak out the warm air delivered to your home by the furnace. This could be a problem, as the furnace will have to work overtime and consume more power while achieving little house-warming effect. Sealing the windows, doors, and any other vents within the house will prevent the warm air from escaping.

Changing your Filters

Air filters within your system should be replaced, preferably once every month. Dirty and clogged air filters will likely compromise the quality of air in your house while also impairing the heater’s operational efficiency.

Maintenance Inspection

A comprehensive professional inspection of your entire system is highly recommended to keep your furnace tuned and configured. At General Heating & Air Conditioning, we take it upon ourselves to deliver top-quality and affordable heating services in Monrovia, CA, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our team can also assist with AC repair, attic insulation, zoning, and more.