When is a Good Time to Get AC Maintenance?

Air conditioning keeps you comfortable when it’s hot and humid. When it’s hot, and your AC system breaks down, you will call for service. But the best time to contact us is in the spring when we can perform a maintenance check to keep your system up and running. Let one of our experts check your system before summer to make sure it’s ready for the heat.

Among the parts of your cooling system our expert will check are:

  • The air filter
  • Evaporator coils
  • Condenser coil

Most air filters are relatively easy for you to change. If they aren’t changed regularly, however, dirt builds up, causing your cooling system to work harder than it needs too. Energy efficiency goes down, and some expensive parts of your system are in jeopardy. The evaporator coils, which take in heat and humidity, could break down. The same is true for the condenser coils, which transfer heat from your home to the outside.

It pays to be proactive. When you have your AC system checked, our experts can detect small problems to prevent you from having to call for service. You don’t want to be stuck dripping wet with sweat because of a system collapse. By contacting us to send one our experts out for a maintenance check, you will also get:

  • Better energy efficiency
  • The peace of mind that your system is safe and not a danger to health
  • Help in making your system gentler on the environment
  • During the spring or fall, our technicians can run your system for a test without making your house temperature uncomfortable

Here at General Heating & Air Conditioning, not only do we service your air conditioning system but we also do repairs and new installations. Our experts are service pros all year long. Contact us for your AC system maintenance check so you won’t have to use our emergency air conditioning service.