Improve your heater’s performance with regular maintenance from an expert HVAC contractor in the San Gabriel Valley

Just like any major appliance, your furnace or heat pump needs maintenance in order to perform its best. At General Heating & Air Conditioning, we can provide the expert maintenance you need to enjoy safe, efficient, and reliable operation from your heating system. Choose us as your HVAC contractor in the San Gabriel Valley and we’ll perform the following services as part of your heating system maintenance visit:

  • Inspect blower components; adjust as necessary
  • Lubricate all moving parts (where applicable)
  • Inspect & tighten electrical connections
  • Monitor voltage & amperage draw on all motors
  • Inspect heat exchanger & burners; adjust as necessary
  • Adjust gas pressure as necessary
  • Inspect pilot operation; adjust as necessary
  • Monitor flue draft for safe operation
  • Adjust airflow for proper temperature rise
  • Inspect thermostat operations; adjust as necessary
  • Clean or replace air filters

Maintenance Provides Significant Savings & Safety Benefits

Planned maintenance is essential for gas furnaces, because it provides the opportunity for a professional HVAC contractor in the San Gabriel Valley to inspect your system and detect any potential issues with your gas line, pilot light, or flue. No matter what kind of heater you have, getting your filter cleaned during a maintenance visit will improve the health and safety of your home by improving indoor air quality.

In addition to safety benefits, planned maintenance also helps cut your heating costs. First of all, having planned maintenance helps keep the heating system working at top efficiency, saving you money on your utility bills. Secondly, a maintenance visit provides the opportunity to identify worn, loose, or damaged parts and fix them before they have an opportunity to cause the need for a bigger, more expensive heater repair.

Please contact us today to schedule your heating system maintenance visit.