What is Home Comfort?

Carrier home comfort systems address 5 important aspects of your comfort.

Home ComfortIf you’re in the market for a new HVAC system for your home or business, chances are you’ve heard the term “home comfort” bandied about quite a bit. But do you really understand the elements of home comfort and why each is important to your overall heating and cooling plan? Carrier does, and so does General Heating & Air Conditioning. As an award-winning Carrier dealer, we are ideally positioned to help you select and install a whole line of reliable, efficiency Carrier products that are designed to work together to deliver the best in home (or business!) comfort. Carrier’s systems hit on all 5 of these important aspects of your comfort.


Obviously, any HVAC system must control temperature in order to keep interior spaces cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Carrier offers a variety of different heating and cooling solutions, including energy-saving heat pumps. Plus, they also offer zoned systems and smart thermostat controls to help ensure temperatures are even and comfortable in every corner of your property at all times.


Humidity levels can also have a big impact on personal comfort. The more humid the air is, the warmer it feels. This means that in summer you want drier air and in and winter you want more humid air. Not only is this arrangement more comfortable; it also saves you money on your utility bills because you can keep your thermostat set higher in summer and lower in winter if the humidity is properly adjusted. While all air conditioners work as natural dehumidifiers, to replenish moisture to the air in winter you may need a separate humidifier.


Air quality is also important for comfort. Odors as well as the tiny airborne particles that cause them, need to be eliminated for clean, healthy air that doesn’t aggravate allergies. We can help you select equipment appropriate to your needs for cleaning the type and amount of allergens and contaminants present in your indoor air.


The noise level of your HVAC equipment also affects your comfort. Carrier offers many ultra-quiet options. Plus, at General Heating & Air Conditioning we help limit noise even further by ensuring you get the proper size of unit for your space, which helps prevent unnecessary cycling and fan noise.


Don’t forget how your HVAC system affects your wallet’s comfort! Carrier products offer an excellent value in terms of comfort delivered for the initial purchase price. They are also highly reliable and come with warranty coverage to help limit repair and maintenance costs.