How to Maintain Excellent Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the air inside your home is often more polluted than the air outdoors? The EPA warns that the average American spends 90 percent of his or her time in an indoor environment where the concentration of pollutants is as much as five times higher than in the air outside. What are the steps that you can take to achieve great indoor air quality?

Ensure Proper Ventilation

At General Heating & Air Conditioning, we emphasize proper ventilation to all our customers. If you can open windows and doors to let some fresh air in during fine weather, that’s a great start. However, you won’t always be able to do that, and modern homes are sealed rather tightly. Consequently, you need to be careful about what you bring into your home, how you clean the premises and how well your air handling equipment functions. Your heating and cooling system should be properly maintained and routinely inspected.

Vacuum Often

When dealing with poor indoor air quality, dust is a leading culprit because it contains pollutants that are released slowly. The professionals from General Heating & Air Conditioning recommend dusting with microfiber and vacuuming often, preferably with a HEPA filter. You should also schedule duct cleaning in order to remove the dust that inevitably accumulates in those passages over time.

Change Air Filters Regularly

Change the air filters for your system at least every three months or whenever they are visibly dirty. If you use humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers or any equipment of that type, ensure that they are also cleaned and that their filters are refreshed as needed.

Take a Natural Approach to Deodorization

Avoid artificial deodorization. When you notice an odor, determine the source and deal with it. If you want to add pleasant scents to your home, choose natural ones.

Improve Your IAQ Today

Indoor air quality is a serious concern, and we’d love to help. The team at General Heating & Air Conditioning also provides the residents of Monrovia with a full range of services related to heating and cooling. We also offer attic insulation and home performance services. Call us to ask any questions you may have or to schedule an indoor air quality assessment.