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Southern California is experiencing another round of wildfires which have forced evacuations. Although fires are not an unusual condition in this part of the world, for the families who are forced to leave their homes on a moment’s notice, the story is new and devastating. There is little that can be done to prepare for an emergency evacuation, but notice should be taken of the progress of wildfires and advisories about leaving. In the case of HVAC Altadena Arcadia HVAC installation air conditioning installation Pasadena residents can prepare for eventualities of heat and cold.

When there is an outbreak of fires, there is a high risk of personal injury, as well as injuries to firefighters. An entire neighborhood can be at risk or can be completely destroyed when a fast-moving wildfire sweeps down a canyon or across a hillside. Problems with air quality can affect anyone in the path of the fire. The air is filled with ash and burning particles, causing secondary effects to individuals who suffer from respiratory ailments.

Preparation for any air quality emergency is as simple as contacting your local HVAC system technicians. While a household that is under evacuation orders may not be helped by the operation of an air conditioning system, a home that has a functioning AC system to clean and cool the air is less likely to have inhabitants who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems.

On a semi-annual basis, the HVAC system in your home should be checked and adjusted as needed. A complete review of the system will look for parts which are not operating at peak efficiency, and repair or replace the faulty parts as required. The system will be cleaned and filters replaced to help keep air quality in the home at top levels.

The electrical connections and fluid levels are also checked and topped off if needed. Faulty wiring or connections which are not secure are repaired or replaced, The thermostat settings are checked for accuracy. Technicians are trained and experienced to work many different models and brands.

An energy audit is a recommended action for the homeowner who wants to protect the quality of the indoor air. When cooled air is escaping through leaks in the system, or in door and window casings, the AC system has to work harder to keep the air at the right temperature. The energy costs from a leaky system can be much higher than they would be if the system were operating at full efficiency.

When an existing system is aging and the repairs become more and more costly, you may want to speak to your AC professional about the installation of a new system. Technology over the years has continued to improve, making the modern equipment much more affordable and efficient. The cost savings gained from a new system will help to pay for the cost.

Keeping the home cool in hot and dry temperatures is only part of the benefits of a well-maintained AC system. The equipment also provides clean and healthy air throughout the structure.