Is It Bad to Run My Heating System 24/7?

Coming home to a cold house isn’t enjoyable. Waking up in the morning to discover burst pipes would be a nightmare. A properly running furnace can prevent these things and more. That’s why people run their furnace day and night during the winter season. Homeowners do, however, wonder if running a heating system 24/7 is a smart plan.

Added Wear and Tear

Running the furnace 24 hours a day for several weeks at a time can lead to wear and tear. Now, if the temperatures drop very low for weeks at a time, running the furnace at this pace may be unavoidable. Therefore, you have to be on top of routine maintenance and be mindful of any needed repairs. Furnaces in Monrovia homes that run a lot during the winter will need service at some point. General Heating & Air Conditioning employs technicians capable of performing repairs on request. Routine maintenance services allow for preventative inspections and tune-ups.

Be Prepared to Pay

Running the furnace 24/7 comes at a cost. All that gas used to light up the furnace drives up your monthly bill. If you want to run the furnace at high temperatures all the time, you must pay accordingly. Granted, you can’t live in a freezing house, so expect bills to be higher in the winter. That said, you could lend the furnace an assist by improving insulation, adding space heaters and more. These steps could bring down fuel prices and decrease energy waste.

Regulate the Temperature

Although you may find yourself running the furnace 24 hours a day, you could intermittently alter the temperature. For instance, 68 degrees may be necessary at night, but 64 degrees could be okay in the afternoon. Furthermore, 60 degrees may be acceptable at times you aren’t home. Comfort isn’t the only issue here. Lowering the temperature also helps lower heating bills.

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