Is Your Furnace Ready for Winter Weather?

Get your annual furnace checkup now to ensure reliable and efficient performance.

Furnace TuneupWith winter weather coming up soon, you need to make sure your furnace is up to the task of keeping your home cozy through the chilly nights. If you haven’t already done so, now is an excellent time to get your annual furnace maintenance done. This will provide peace of mind that your furnace is in good operating condition and can get you through the winter with no service interruptions.

Key Elements of Furnace Maintenance

An annual furnace maintenance visit from General Heating & Air Conditioning is packed with services designed to support not only the reliability of your furnace, but also its efficiency, safety, and maximized service life.

Inspection: The first step in an annual furnace maintenance visit is to perform a detailed inspection of the entire system, including gas lines, electric components, wiring, etc. This is very important for safety, as well as for the identification of any worn or damaged parts that may pose a risk for a system failure in the future.

Filter Change: A dirty filter can not only hurt your indoor air quality, but also reduce your overall HVAC efficiency. The dirtier the filter, the harder it will be for the blower to push air through it. This will result in uneven or inadequate heating and you will probably end up turning up the thermostat and burning extra fuel in an attempt to compensate.

Cleaning: The filter doesn’t trap all dust, dirt and debris in your HVAC system. Other parts of the furnace can also get dirty, causing the system to consume more energy. The blower and the heat exchanger are the most important parts to clean to support energy efficiency.

Cycle & Air Flow Check: We’ll make sure that your furnace is cycling on and off properly and generating the right amount of airflow for proper temperature rise. If needed, we will make adjustments to save you from the noise, inefficiency, and discomfort of excessive cycling.

Proactive Repairs: By replacing worn parts before they have a chance to fail, you can prevent them from causing damage to other parts of the system. Therefore, making proactive repairs as needed at the time of annual service will help prolong the service life of your furnace.

Purchase a Planned Maintenance Agreement and Get Discounted Repairs

At General Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer convenient planned maintenance packages that will help your furnace get the quality maintenance it needs every year. Purchase a plan today and get discounts of up to 20 percent on future repair needs.