Lessons from the World of Server Room Cooling

The specialized field of server room cooling offers lessons for all AC applications.

Server RoomAt General Heating & Air Conditioning, cooling solutions for computer server rooms is one of our specialties. Server room cooling is a very sensitive business, and our mastery of this area shows that we are able to provide superior service for more mundane home and business cooling needs as well. Here are some specific lessons from the world of server room cooling that can benefit the average AC consumer.

Humidity Control is Vital

Server rooms house tons of valuable equipment that must be protected from moisture. Humidity levels must be controlled to prevent the sorts of corrosion issues that can lead to system crashes, random reboots, and even data loss. High humidity can be costly both in terms of the damage to the equipment as well as the damage to the information housed on that equipment and the interruption of business processes that rely on that information and equipment. While the average home or business owner may not have quite so much at stake, humidity control is nonetheless important for comfort and cost savings.. Keeping humidity low can help make air feel cooler, which enables you to set the thermostat a bit higher than normal and still feel comfortable.

Air Circulation Matters

Because computer equipment can be damaged if it overheats, it is very important to eliminate hot spots within the server room through proper air circulation. We’ve found that a similar attention to detail is also helpful for home and business cooling. Often, consumers think they need a larger air conditioner because some parts of their property are not getting cooled sufficiently, when in reality the issue is airflow. We take the skills refined in the arena of server room air control and apply them to entire properties, diligently searching out hot spots, diagnosing their causes, and recommending cost-effective corrections.

Maintenance Cannot Be Ignored

Any kind of AC failure can be a problem, but server room AC failure is especially problematic because it can put an entire computer system at risk. We have several specialized measures to help ensure constant temperature control in server rooms, such as automatic restart functions, but one of the most effective ways to promote reliability is maintenance. Remember, your comfort is valuable! Don’t assume that just because your property doesn’t contain hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of computer equipment it doesn’t deserve reliable cooling. We offer affordable and convenient planned maintenance to help you stay cool and comfortable.