What Are the Most Important Rooms to Have an Air Purifier in?

If you want clean air in your home, consider getting an air purifier. These units are especially important if you live in a city with a pollution problem or next to a busy street. Air purifiers can improve the overall air quality in your living space and rid the indoor atmosphere of particulates that could cause a variety of respiratory problems. Once you’ve arrived at this decision, you’ll want to place the equipment for maximum efficiency.

Placement of Air Purifiers

By carefully placing individual air purifiers, you can get maximum filtration throughout your home. For spaces without many walls, a single unit might be sufficient to clean the air. If you have a bigger home, multiple units would be needed to provide a high level of air purification.

You’ll want to put individual air purifiers in rooms that see a lot of use. Since you sleep in your bedroom for many hours every day, having clean air in there is important. Spaces such as kitchens and living rooms can also benefit from an air purifier. You’ll want to place units where they can circulate large amounts of air in order to purify as much volume as possible.

Whole-home Air Purifier Considerations

One of the most effective options for cleaning air in a large home is a whole-house air purification system. These units hook directly into your existing HVAC system and deliver clean air through the ducts. They are highly effective and efficient, and they can be adjusted to fit any home that has a central HVAC system. In Monrovia, CA, General Heating & Air Conditioning offers air purifier installation services, and we’ll show you how to operate your new unit.

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