Why You Need a Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit is an assessment done on your energy consumption. It helps you in pinpointing where you are losing energy and outlines solutions to any problem encountered. It is recommended that energy audits be regularly and professionally done to maximize efficiency and reduce bills.

Doing Energy Audit Yourself

The simplest way of doing an energy audit for your home is by comparing current energy bills with previous ones.  It is suitable for someone who keeps records of water, electricity and heating bills.

You simply examine the amount you used to spend on energy a year or two ago and compare with the current one. If you notice significant differences in them, then you know something is cooking.

You may need to examine each bill further to identify the culprit. It may be your heating and cooling system that is taking in a lot of energy because you have not serviced it or has a malfunction.

Home Energy Audit by Specialists 
The do it yourself way comes with demerits. You need to look beyond bills to matters healthy and safety. Also, the size of your family will be taken into consideration among other factors. Some of the electrical appliances you have could be leaking endangering your loved ones. Moreover, you will get a report from a professional.

Why Do a Home Energy Audit? 

  • Saves money by cutting down utility bills.
  • Ensures clean air in your homes especially if heating and air conditioning system is the culprit.
  • Reduces energy needs by sealing leaking windows and insulators.
  • Guarantees health and safety of your loved ones by reducing harmful gas emissions, fixing leaking furnaces and sealing exposed electric wires.
  • Teaches you innovative ways of saving energy at home.

It is evident that home energy audit is crucial for saving energy, money and keeping your house healthy and safe. Nothing gives the assurance than hiring trained, certified and experienced team to evaluate your energy consumption rates. Book an appointment with General Heating and Air Conditioning for Home Energy Audit today!