Problems Caused by an Oversized Air Conditioner

When you need a new air conditioner, you may think a larger unit would be more effective for cooling your spaces. You may land on the false conclusion that an oversized air conditioner would be the best bet for the hot summer.

However, an oversized air conditioner can do you more harm than good. Here are some of the problems caused by such an air conditioner.

1. Consumes Too Much Energy

The heat of the summer may require you to keep your air conditioner running round the clock. An oversized unit has to work harder because of the load of its components. Turning those giant blades, and keeping them running, will draw more energy than necessary. This will lead to increased utility bills.

Unfortunately, there would be nothing to show for the elevated energy bills in the summer. This is because your giant air conditioner will have problems cooling your spaces. It will be using more energy, but it won’t do a satisfactory job in lowering the temperature in your house. The bottom line: bigger may not necessarily be better.

2. Won’t Remove Humidity

Truth be told, an oversized air conditioner won’t do you much good in as far as humidity is concerned. A good air conditioner should cool your spaces and deal with humidity as well. But, if you have an oversized unit, it may not be as effective because it may not work well with your spaces.

An oversized air conditioner may not run long enough to dehumidify your house, either. Because of its size, the system runs for only a few minutes at a time. While the few minutes may be enough to cool your rooms, this is hardly enough time for the de-humidification process. If you’re looking for a new air conditioner, don’t go for size — go for efficiency.

3. Creates Hot Spots in Your Home

You will have to contend with inconsistent cooling if you choose an air conditioner that is too big. Inconsistent cooling occurs when the cool air from the cooling unit does not spread out to all the rooms in your home. You will find some rooms hot and humid while others are cool and comfortable.

The reason for hot spots in your residence is because the oversized cooling unit works intermittently. It goes on and off within short periods of time, so it does not have enough time to cool and dehumidify all the rooms uniformly. This will not impress you, especially if you have to pay more at the end of the month for increased energy bills.

4. Won’t Last Long

An air conditioner too big for your home will not last long. It may seem preferable, or even fashionable, but the constant wear and tear will soon drive it into the ground. If you need a unit to last for several seasons, you will need to consider the size of your spaces so that it balances with your air conditioner.

One reason for the premature wear and tear for oversized cooling units is its short cycle. Since the air conditioner has to turn on and off so many times in a day, the short bursts of power required for this process accelerate deterioration. You may incur substantial repair costs, and eventually, you may have to purchase a new unit. Therefore, if you want a new air conditioner, do not pick one based on size. Instead, choose a unit that will not drain your wallet.

5. Cycling Too Often

The cycles should last for about seven to 10 minutes if your air conditioner is running efficiently. But, if your unit runs at less or more duration of cycles, then you have a problem. It is rare to experience longer cycles, but short cycles are common because of oversized air conditioners.

Short cycles are not a problem in and of themselves, but their effect on your air conditioner will be adverse. They will increase wear and tear, thus leading to constant repairs that may be costly. Also, short cycles may cause overheating of the unit because it gets overworked turning on and off every few minutes.

6. Producing Too Much Noise

If you choose an oversized air conditioner for whatever reason, you will have to bear with the constant whirring of the unit. For smaller machines, this whir is almost negligible. Some even run noiselessly. However, bigger units have to produce quite some noise as the system exerts pressure to rotate the giant blades.

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