Put Us on Speed Dial for Air Conditioner Repair This Summer

General Heating & Air Conditioning offers fast & affordable air conditioner repair.

Speed DialAs we get into the full heat of summer here in southern California there’s hardly a home or business around that isn’t cranking their AC to blast away the heat and transform their indoor spaces into cool retreats from the sun. This is all well and good until something goes wrong with your air conditioner. Then, you’re left with a tough choice. Who to call for air conditioner repair? You want the job done fast but you also want it done right. General Heating & Air Conditioning can give you what you want on both counts.

We Repair All Makes & Models of Air Conditioners

Whether you have a window unit, a ductless AC system, a residential split system, or a commercial rooftop unit, General Heating & Air Conditioning can provide the expert repairs you need to get your system back in top performing condition again. Our technicians are NATE-certified in air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair so you know that we know what we’re doing when we open up the guts of your air conditioner and start working on it.

We Offer Fast Service

We know it’s unpleasant to be hot. In some situations residents may actually be in danger of overheating and suffering serious health problems if their air conditioners aren’t working for an extended period. In other situations it’s important to get the AC back up and running before it affects your business. In any case, General Heating & Air Conditioning always strives to provide the fastest possible response to every air conditioner repair request. Our technicians can quickly yet accurately pinpoint the root cause of your problem and provide a targeted and effective repair.

We Have Competitive Prices

Depending on the nature of your problem and what kinds of replacement parts may be needed, air conditioner repair can start getting expensive. Fortunately, you can rest assured you’re getting a fair and competitive price from General Heating & Air Conditioning. We even offer special promotions and coupons to help you save money on major repair jobs.

We Will Tell You Honestly When Your AC’s Not Worth Fixing

One final reason you should trust General Heating & Air Conditioning with your air conditioner repair is we actually care about making sure you’re not wasting your money on unnecessary or ill-advised stopgap repairs. If your AC system is so old or damaged that making a repair would not be as cost-effective as replacing the unit, we will tell you so. Ultimately the decision will be yours but we will make sure you are informed of your options and happily answer any questions.