Recycling Furnace Filters

At General Heating & Air Conditioning, we install , repair and service all manner of furnaces and heat pumps throughout Monrovia and the neighboring communities. Among the regular tasks required to maintain a furnace is filter replacement. Customers often ask us if those filters can be recycled and what their options are toward that end.

Disposable Filters Cannot Be Reused

The basic furnace filter that many people use is designed to be inexpensive and disposable. These filters can be as cheap as a few dollars and rarely more expensive than $15. HVAC professionals recommend strongly against attempting to reuse these filters for a few reasons. They’re a low-cost product and not constructed with washing in mind, and a dirty filter could lead to system inefficiency, including increased energy costs and wear and tear.

Disposable Filters Cannot Be Recycled

Disposable filters are constructed with cheap cardboard and either fiberglass or polyester. While the recycling industry is making strides in recycling materials like fiberglass, the woven fibers that make up a furnace filter are not easy to clean and reclaim in a manner that can be reused cost-effectively.

Reusable Filters Are an Excellent Alternative

Basic furnace filters are not the only filters available. If you want an option that’s washable, cost-effective and recyclable, then reusable furnace filters are a great choice.

Washable Filters Can Be Reused

Reusable filters are manufactured with higher-grade materials so that you can vacuum them and run water through them. Once dried, they’re ready for reuse, and well-maintained filters can typically last up to five years. So, while they do cost considerably more initially, they cost less in the end when you consider that the average homeowner is replacing his or her filters at least every three months.

Washable Filters Are More Environmentally Friendly

Reusable filters are not recyclable yet. However, consider that the average home is disposing of 20 filters over the same period in which you’d throw away only one. Many homes have dogs and cats and may have to change their filters every 30 or 60 days, which adds up to even more filters tossed in the trash.

Whether you need your filters replaced or are considering a change to a reusable product, General Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Call us today to find out how.