What You SEER Is What You Get…Or Is It?

New HVAC standards help to ensure property owners enjoy the promised performance from their equipment.

What You SEER Is What You Get…Or Is It?If you’ve ever shopped for a new air conditioner, you’ve probably encountered SEER ratings. These numbers represent the energy efficiency of the equipment over an average cooling season. The higher the rating, the better the energy efficiency.

Sounds simple, right? In reality, the situation can be more complicated. Just because a new air conditioner has a certain SEER rating on the box does not guarantee that it will provide that same level of efficiency in your home. This is because numerous factors beyond the quality of the AC unit itself affect the efficiency of an air conditioning system.

New HVAC standards that went into effect January 1, 2015 are attempting to provide consumers with greater peace of mind that what they “SEER” is what they get. (In other words, the SEER they see on an AC unit will be the SEER they actually experience after installation).

The new standards, which as are part of a whole package of HVAC regulation updates planned by the US Department of Energy, expand an HVAC contractor’s responsibility beyond simply ensuring that outdoor AC components meet the minimum SEER standards for their region. Instead, the contractor must also demonstrate that the SEER rating holds true throughout the building.

For example, simply installing an outdoor component with a 14 SEER rating will no longer automatically meet the minimum standard for California. Instead, the contractor must prove that the indoor components including the blower and coil combinations also meet this minimum standard.

At present, it remains unclear exactly how contractors will be held to this new standard, and what penalties may apply if they are found to be in violation. This means contractors are essentially on their own honor when it comes to compliance, and you had better be certain you are working with a contractor you can really trust when you purchase a new air conditioner.

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