Service from Our Super Techs Reduces Callbacks

General Heating & Air Conditioning has several measures in place to help problems get fixed right the first time.

ServicesCallbacks, or requests for service techs to come redo work that was supposed to have already been completed, can be frustrating for the customer and costly for the business. One contributor to The Air Conditioning Heating Refrigeration News calculated that the average callback cost his business $3,000. This figure takes into account the cost of the tech’s time, travel expenses, the cost of any parts that have to be comped to the customer, and the revenue lost because the tech wasn’t serving a new customer. At General Heating & Air Conditioning, we are well aware of the costs of callbacks to our customers’ satisfaction, our reputation, and our bottom line. That’s why we have many measures in place designed to make callbacks all but unknown at our company.


Naturally, one of the first barriers to unnecessary callbacks is superior technical training for all employees. We require all of our employees to earn NATE certification in HVAC service & repair. We also encourage our techs to pursue ongoing education in the specific areas that interest them most so that they can become true experts in those particular niches. Our commitment to training means our employees are never going to just “wing it” when servicing your equipment. We won’t take a trial and error approach to fixing problems either. Instead we’ll correctly diagnose and fix the problem right the first time.

Expert Product Installation

Proper installation is very important for the efficiency of any HVAC system or support product. A sloppy installation job can certainly lead to a need for a callback and adjustment. At General Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide expert installation the first time so your equipment performs just as the manufacturer promised.

No Maintenance Shortcuts

One common cause of callbacks is thought to be techs rushing their work or taking shortcuts. At General Heating & Air Conditioning, your comfort is our top priority while we’re in your home or business. We are completely focused on you and we ensure our techs don’t feel pressured to rush jobs in order to pack more clients into the day. Our thorough approach to HVAC maintenance is particularly helpful. Our techs check all the vital specs on your equipment to ensure it is working at top efficiency following a maintenance visit.


Last but not least, we protect against callbacks with close oversight of all field techs. We keep track of how employees perform and use any callbacks that do occur as a teaching opportunity to show employees how to do better next time.