Should I Insulate My Attic?

It has taken you half the winter to realize why your energy bill is so high.  Insulation turns out to be the culprit stealing money from your pockets. You are not alone.

Insulating Your Attic

The two ways to insulate your home both have pros and cons. You maintain indoor insulation by pulling out walls to install the new installation. Outside insulation consists of creating holes and injecting loose insulation. Both ways seem like an enormous undertaking.

The methods are both expensive and not overly easy. However, insulation is a necessity for many reasons, and it starts in the attic. Insulating your entire house not only more expensive, but it also takes longer to achieve.

Why The Attic?

Attic insulation is not only easier to do yourself, but heat also rises which makes the attic the point of attack when insulating. Plugging up holes and gaps in the insulation saves you money while being energy efficient. The more substantial holes are easy to find and wrap. Do not worry about the small ones that go unseen without a professional eye.

However, for optimal insulation, you will prefer having a professionally trained technician do air draft checks and close all holes, even those you cannot find on your own.

Pinpointing The Poison

You may venture into your attic and realize that you have an asbestos issue. If the previous filler is gray and soft, it could be paper-like insulation called cellulose. Soft, white insulation is loose-fill fiberglass insulation.

However, if you find feather-light pellets that shimmer, it is likely asbestos. The often used old insulation is called Zonolite, and likely contains the dangerous asbestos. Air quality is essential and diminished by the aged insulation and causes health issues.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a trained technician, you should weigh cost and health value when making a choice. Asbestos removal is always better-taken care of by someone that has specific knowledge about its handling hazard.

We at General Heating & Air Conditioning serves our community with highly trained professionals with a family feel. Insulation and identifying dangerous materials is essential to your daily air quality.