Why Are Some Rooms Colder Than Others?

You set the temperature of your thermostat and expect every room to be heated to that same temperature, but this may not happen in some cases. The following are just a few of the factors that would explain the uneven quality of your home’s central heating.

Blocked Airflow

Warm air could be blocked from this room or that room by something as simple as a piece of furniture on top of the air vent. You could also have dirt buildup in the air filter or ductwork, which can minimize the airflow.

Poor Insulation

A lack of insulation in the attic and wall cavities, or insulation with a low R-value (resistance to heat penetration), may cause some rooms to be colder than others.

Air Duct Leaks

Ductwork can develop cracks and holes, especially around the joints and fittings. When this occurs, warm air will escape and never reach the room that the affected duct leads into.

If you live in Monrovia, CA, you can leave it to the professionals at General Heating & Air Conditioning to inspect and seal your ducts. We can also add insulation or replace it with something that has a higher R-value.

An Undersized System

Perhaps you purchased a small unit because it was more cost-effective. Perhaps you had a home extension built but did not upgrade to a larger heating system. Whatever the case, heating units that are too small for a property will do their job poorly.

A Poorly Maintained System

Even the right size of system will unevenly heat your rooms if it’s never maintained. A professional could provide a yearly tune-up, though, which can cover the basics like duct cleaning and filter replacement.

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