The ABC’s Of How Air Conditioners Work And The Different Types Of HVAC Systems

It can be a daunting task finding the right heating and cooling system for your home. What’s more, it would be useful to know how these systems work. In this article, learn the ABC’s of how air conditioners work and the different types of systems that are currently available on the market.

The essential components in an AC system are a fan that blows air around the room and dehumidifies the air. In large units, you can also find tubes that distribute air and collect it again. The cold surface does two jobs: to cool the air and dehumidify it by condensing vapor water. Temperature control is another important part of this system. However, there is no denying that ACs tend to waste energy and produce noise.

The new systems tend to be more energy efficient and operate quietly. There are different types of HVAC systems that you can find on the market. One such system is called Hybrid Heat split system, which is a smarter version of the standard heating and cooling systems. The main difference is their energy efficiency and they work a little differently to the standard units.

As well as gas furnace heat, the Hybrid Split system automatically works out how to make the best use out of an electricity-powered heat pump. The main advantage of this system is that in colder climates, the high-efficiency heat pump will do a great job warming the house. The heat pump comes with a variable-speed compressor that is just as powerful as the blower motor on the furnace.

This system will also do a great job dehumidifying the air in the house in warm summer months. It is important to remember that in the winter time, you must pair it up with a furnace. You will enjoy your winters comfortably and save money on your electricity bills.

Another type of air conditioner is ductless Split System, which does not rely on air ducts to condition the air in your home. This system is ideal for theaters, garages, gyms, and large residential homes. It is designed to heat or cool the room when other conventional systems fail to do so.

If your home does not have the space for installing a furnace, it does not mean you have to suffer from cold winters or hot summers. There are all-in-one units that are sold as complete packaged systems. These units are installed on the exterior of your home, either on the rooftop or in the backyard.

Another energy-efficient system is Geothermal Heat Pump, which relies on the earth temperatures. You must use pond or well water to enjoy this innovative technology. The geothermal systems can be beneficial for providing hot water in homes with radiant heat or ductwork. You should bear in mind that it is only possible to have hot water through the radiant heat version or otherwise known as a hydronic system. All your heating and cooling needs can be fulfilled when you pair it with a furnace. You can find out lots more about these ingenious systems and their functions by reviewing the online information. Look for reputable HVAC companies that provide good deals on energy-efficient units.