Tips to Conserve Energy at Home

We use a lot of electricity in our daily lives, and that’s not always a good thing. By making a few small changes, you can lower your monthly utility bills while also reducing your impact on our planet. Here are a few tips on how to conserve energy at home.

Make Sure Windows and Doors Are Sealed

If your windows and doors are not properly sealed, much of the cool or warm air produced by your HVAC system will escape outside. Likewise, the air from outside will get into your home. This will cause your system to work harder to maintain your desired interior temperature. Check your windows and doors for leaks and reseal them as necessary. This will keep the warm or cool air in your house and let your system operate while using less energy.

Air-Dry Your Laundry

Running the dryer each time you wash a load of laundry consumes a lot of energy. Consider hang-drying some of your items. On a warm and sunny day, your items will dry in no time. If the weather or other circumstances prevent you from being able to hang your laundry outside, you can also purchase drying racks to use inside your home.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat can have a big impact on your energy usage at home. A smart thermostat can be programmed to use less energy during the times you’ll be away from home. Unlike standard thermostats that you need to adjust manually, you can adjust your smart thermostat directly from your phone. This means that you can increase or lower the temperature of your home remotely. For example, if you normally set your AC to 72 degrees during the summer, you can use your phone to increase the temperature to 78 degrees when you’re away. These small changes can help you conserve energy and save money every month.

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