Upgrading Your Thermostat

For many homeowners, there is always the fear that they’ve left their HVAC systems running even though they are no longer there to enjoy them. Rather than having to drive all the way back to your house, you can make adjustments from any location of your choosing. This can all be done with a smart thermostat!

You can also have your smart thermostat paired with other smart technologies throughout your home so that features like entertainment and security can be easily adapted as well. This added benefit gives you the home control you desire, from anywhere in the world! Have questions? General Heating & Air Conditioning can help. We know how these thermostats work and we can offer exceptional comfort solutions for you.

There is nothing like being able to warm your home up on a cold night even before you have arrived. This is also a great way to enjoy cool indoor temperatures on sweltering hot days, without having to waste a lot of energy. Parents no longer need to worry about whether or not their kids are turning their thermostats up too high or down too low. They can always quickly and easily check the exact settings for these units.

Energy savings are an obvious benefit of this upgrade. With the ability to rapidly adjust your HVAC system and your indoor heating and cooling requirements, you can use far less energy each and every month. This translates to more money in your pocket!

Additionally, if you are thinking about putting your home on the market, this is a great upgrade to invest in. There are countless ways of integrating smart technologies into your homes heating and cooling systems. Contact General Heating & Air Conditioning today and we can get you started with a top-notch smart thermostat! Take the initiative and do what’s best to stay comfortable all year long! Call us today!