Are You Using Your Air Conditioner Wrong?

Tips to get better energy efficiency from your air conditioner.

Using Air ConditionerUpset about the amount of money you’re spending on cooling each month? You might be using your air conditioner wrong. Here are some tips that will help you use your air conditioner smarter to optimize efficiency and save money.

Don’t Compromise Your Thermostat Reading

Occasionally people will inadvertently arrange their furnishings in a way that interferes with the thermostat’s ability to get an accurate reading. For example, if you allow your thermostat to get direct sun or place a lamp or TV too close to it, it could get tricked into thinking your home is hotter than it really is. This will cause the air conditioning to kick on and you’ll end up paying for cooling you don’t need.

Keep Your Thermostat Set as High as You Can Stand

Some people keep their heat set on 72 and their AC set on 70, so that their home is actually colder in summer than in winter! This is not only illogical, it’s expensive. The greater the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air, the harder your air conditioner will have to work and the higher your energy bills will be. Try to keep your thermostat set as high as you can comfortably endure.

Don’t Blast the AC When You First Come Home

It’s nice to come home to a cool environment after a hot day out and about. However, you may have already wisely turned your AC off or set the temperature higher before you left. If this is the case, don’t overcompensate by setting the thermostat really low when you come home. Instead, set it at your normal desired temperature. Your home will cool off at the same rate but you won’t force your AC into costly overdrive mode.

Don’t Use the Same Fan Speed Every Day

Some air conditioners have variable speed fans that will automatically adjust to provide the most efficient cooling. If your AC does not have these automatic functions, remember to set the fan on low on especially humid days. This lower air speed will help remove more humidity from the air so you can feel cooler.

Bills Still High?

If you’ve tried the above tips and your cooling bills are still too high, you may have a problem with your air conditioner or with your home’s ductwork, building seal, or insulation. Call General Heating & Air Conditioning and we’ll be happy to find and correct the root cause of your problem.