What are Decorative Air Supply Registers?

Family enjoys heating An air supply register is a covering that goes over the place on the floor, vent, or the wall where the heating and air conditioning system’s ducts enter the room. In many cases, dampers or louvers are attached to the rear of the register. These provide the ability to open or close the register itself so that the flow of air can be customized to meet the needs of the home or business owner.

What Are Decorative Air Supply Registers?

In the past, the air supply registers available were functional yet utilitarian in design. In other cases, the decorative vent covers didn’t offer the functionality that a plain air supply register provided. The designs of today, however, are combined into beautiful and functional air vent covers that seamlessly improve the design style of the room, home or business.

SteelCrest Decorative Air Supply Registers

We offer beautiful air supply registers can be complemented by optional ornamental frames and beveled edges. SteelCrest offers a range of custom sizes that feature countersunk screws, color-matched screws and are available in more than 20 standard colors. You can choose from the look of oil-rubbed bronze, wrought iron or brass with either aluminum OBD or steel dampers. Need more information about decorative air supply registers for your Monrovia, California home or business? Are you ready to schedule a consultation? Contact us today!

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General Heating & Air Conditioning Inc chose to offer SteelCrest products to our customers because of their superiority within the industry. SteelCrest decorative air supply registers were designed by experienced HVAC professionals so you know they have the features and functionality to deliver the best performance to our customers. Give us a call today!