Why You Should Get Your Air Ducts Checked Every Spring

Why You Should Get Your Air Ducts Checked Every Spring If you’re a homeowner, it can feel like there’s a seemingly endless list of tasks you need to take care of your home properly. But there are a few projects that don’t take much time, but will give you great benefits. One of them is getting your air ducts cleaned. It doesn’t take long to schedule an appointment with [business], and you’ll be able to enjoy clean air in your home all year-round. Protect your investment and save money by scheduling a simple air duct check with [business] every spring and fall.

Save Money

The importance of having air ducts checked for dust and any other debris can’t be stressed enough. Even if you have a small amount of dust in there, it can easily build up and restrict air flow, both heat and cold. Then as a result, you’ll have to jack up the power on your heating and cooling system, wasting money and energy unnecessarily. Dramatically increase the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system by regularly calling (626) 531-0022 for an air duct check and cleaning. It’s the frugal and green thing to do!

Specialized Equipment for Superb Results

At [business], we have the most up-to-date equipment that’s specially designed to clean air ducts completely and thoroughly. You’ll be able to rest assured that there isn’t any hidden dust plugging up your air ducts.

Allergy Symptoms will Lessen

This is especially important for allergy sufferers, who often experience a worsening of their symptoms when there’s a lot of dust in the air. With dust-free air ducts, allergy sufferers can breathe easier and sleep much more soundly.

Dust-Prone Areas

If you live in a dusty area, such as right near a gravel road, you should consider calling [business] every couple or three months to make sure that all the dusts stays clear of your air ducts.

For all your air ducts needs, call [business]

At [business], we not only provide air duct cleaning, but we can take care of any heating and cooling needs that arise in your home. You probably didn’t know that the average air duct system loses 25-40% of the heating or cooling energy. But getting it checked and repaired by [business] will ensure it doesn’t have any leaks, is properly configured and is correctly sized to maximize efficiency in your particular heating and cooling system.

We are proud to offer financing and rebates to our valued customers, and when you call for an appointment, we can usually schedule it within 2 business days. We’re also currently offering $25 off any service! So what are you waiting for? Call (626) 531-0022 or fill out the REQUEST SERVICE form at the right of this page.