Will Air Conditioning Remove Humidity?

HumidityAn air conditioner removes warm and replaces it with cool air to make your home or any other building. More comfortable during the heat of the summer weather. However, as people who have lived in different areas of the country can attest, there is more to making a room comfortable than just the air temperature. Humidity levels can be just as important as the temperature when determining the comfort level inside a building. With that said, the question comes up as to whether or not your air conditioner can also be used to dehumidify the air. The short answer is that yes, it will remove humidity, but there is more to the question and how it works in real time.

How the Air Conditioning Unit Works

The air conditioner moves warm air through the coils which are filled with refrigerant, cooling the air down before returning it through the duct system to cool the home. Air quality is assured with filtration to remove allergens, and humidity can be naturally removed as part of the process as the temperature change causes condensation which removes moisture from the air.

Cooling Air

Cooling air is the main purpose of the air conditioner, but it does other things as well. Providing clean air is an important aspect of maintaining either a home or commercial building. In today’s world, it seems more people have health issues with asthma, allergens, and pollutants, and keeping air fresh and clean is important to their health. The air conditioner naturally cleans the air with its most basic function, so engineers have improved the nature of how the unit works to make new ones better than ever before at not just cooling but also cleaning.

Removing Humidity

Removing humidity is likewise a natural part of the process when running an air conditioner, but has been greatly increased for effectiveness in recent years. As the air moves around the coils and lowers in temperature, moisture condensates into a drip pan from where it can then be drained and safely disposed of.

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