Will Closing Vents Reduce Energy Costs?

We live in a time when it really pays to be energy-conscious. You may be like a lot of people who turn off lights and even close the air returns in rooms that aren’t being used. Closing registers is a common practice among many homeowners because it seems intuitive, but does it really work?

Do You Have a Zoned System?

Here at General Heating & Air Conditioning, a leading heating and air conditioning company in Monrovia, we normally recommend against closing vents. There is an exception to our advice, however, which is a zoned duct, multistage system with a variable-speed ECM blower. While these are becoming more common, they aren’t commonplace, and you’d likely know if you have one.

A Matter of Pressure

The reason why closing vents won’t work for most of us and can even be detrimental is a matter of pressure. Home comfort systems are balanced based on an expected pressure level. In other words, your blower is chosen and calibrated to push against a certain resistance. When you close a register, the pressure difference increases and your blower will then work harder than intended. A similar effect occurs when you don’t change your air filters and the system has to work harder in order to draw air into the system.

Some Unintended Consequences

Is a little bit of increased pressure harmful? Maybe not, but it certainly won’t save money. Therefore, it isn’t worth the chance of added wear and tear. Additionally, there are real problems that can arise from increasing the pressure in a system, and these include reduced airflow throughout a home, a failed compressor, frozen coils, and a damaged heat exchanger.

Professional Energy Efficiency Solutions

At General Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in heating and air conditioning as well as indoor air quality, home energy efficiency, attic insulation and much more. If you have any questions about the services we provide or would like to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to call us today.