Don’t Sweat it out this Summer—Call General Heating and Air

July 3, 2015

Do you feel like a quickly-melting popsicle every day, all day long? Do you have trouble sleeping because of the stifling heat? Do you regularly walk around with a cold towel wrapped around your neck, trying in vain to keep the heat away? Stop the suffering! Stop strategizing about how to get cooled off! Get the air conditioning help you need at [business]. We have been providing air conditioning service in the San Gabriel Valley since 1981, and we’ll be happy to help you cool off this summer. Southern California heat is not something that should be messed with—that’s for sure! Air conditioner sales and service We specialize in Carrier air conditioners, and can provide them to you at excellent prices. We can also service air conditioners of any other brand, and are completely familiar with the inner workings of all air conditioners. Our NATE certified technicians will efficiently diagnose and fix any air conditioner problem that may arise so that you can enjoy a sweat-free experience in no time. They always stay up-to-date on the latest makes and models and how to service them properly, so rest assured you’re in good hands with [business]. There’s just no reason to…...

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How to Make Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

June 26, 2015

With the summer naturally comes an uptick in air conditioner use throughout the nation, including Southern California. Avoid wasting precious energy and spending money needlessly by following these helpful tips from [business]. Purchase the best air conditioner from the outset If you’re considering central air conditioning, check out this helpful article from Consumer Reports about the wisest choices for central air conditioning systems. It includes data from a Central Air Reliability Survey. Consumer Reports has long been a trusted source of information that helps consumers compare products equitably and honestly. But if you’re going to stick with a window unit or two, we recommend going with GE, LG, and Friedrich Kuhl models, and we’d be happy to evaluate your space and recommend the perfect air conditioners for your home window units. Whether you need an air conditioner for a smaller room (100-300 sq. ft) or a larger room (35-650 sq. ft.) or any other size room in-between, trust the air conditioning experts at [business] to set you up with an efficient air conditioner, that won’t drain your wallet, and will be reliable for many years to come. Get it professionally installed and make sure the ducts are sealed and insulated…...

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Commercial HVAC Repair in the San Gabriel Valley CA

June 19, 2015

Worth its weight in gold If you own a commercial property, having a HVAC system that runs well, efficiently and properly, every single day is basically worth its weight in gold. You don’t want to waste money and precious energy with a faulty HVAC—your profits will be literally trickling out the window. It’s a real nightmare scenario. Especially with California’s severe drought this year, it’s important to make sure HVAC systems are working well to avoid wasted energy—not to mention the added expense. Don’t sweat it out The last thing you want is for customers and employees to have to sweat through their time at your commercial property, sauna-style. Not only is it uncomfortable, it can be downright dangerous to experience the San Gabriel Valley’s intense heat for long period of time without a break. This can make morale plummet, productivity drop, and even create major liability in case anyone has any adverse reactions to the heat. Don’t wait another minute to get your commercial HVAC system repaired. Don’t panic—there’s good news! If you need commercial HVAC service anywhere in the San Gabriel Valley, there’s an expert HVAC repair company close by that: Has the expertise to diagnose your problem…...

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Air Conditioning Contractor in Pasadena, CA

June 12, 2015

Southern California is famous for its beautiful beaches, towering mountains, exciting tourist attractions, amazingly diverse cuisine … not to mention its intense summer heat! Now that summer is well underway, you may have noticed that your air conditioner isn’t quite keeping up with demand. In the summer, properly working air conditioning is essential Summertime is when air conditioning is the most in-demand, though many Southern Californians use their units nearly every day throughout the year. Especially if children or elderly people are present in the home, maintaining a comfortable temperature is so important to ensure everyone stays happy and healthy, no matter how hot it is outside. Call now Don’t sweat it out—just call an air conditioning contractor in Pasadena, California. The best choice for all your air conditioning needs is [business]. When you’re looking for an air conditioning contractor in Pasadena, California, look no further than [business]. Easily schedule new installations and service by calling , emailing , or sending us a message by clicking “Contact” above. NATE certified technicians Our technicians are all NATE [North American Technical Excellence] certified. NATE was founded in 1997 and soon became the nation’s largest non-profit certification organization for heating, air conditioning, ventilation,…...

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Why You Should Get Your Air Ducts Checked Every Spring

June 5, 2015

If you’re a homeowner, it can feel like there’s a seemingly endless list of tasks you need to take care of your home properly. But there are a few projects that don’t take much time, but will give you great benefits. One of them is getting your air ducts cleaned. It doesn’t take long to schedule an appointment with [business], and you’ll be able to enjoy clean air in your home all year-round. Protect your investment and save money by scheduling a simple air duct check with [business] every spring and fall. Save Money The importance of having air ducts checked for dust and any other debris can’t be stressed enough. Even if you have a small amount of dust in there, it can easily build up and restrict air flow, both heat and cold. Then as a result, you’ll have to jack up the power on your heating and cooling system, wasting money and energy unnecessarily. Dramatically increase the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system by regularly calling for an air duct check and cleaning. It’s the frugal and green thing to do! Specialized Equipment for Superb Results At [business], we have the most up-to-date equipment that’s…...

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SoCal Tops Smog List Again—Is Your Indoor Air Quality Affected?

May 27, 2015

Learn how to protect your indoor environment from outdoor pollutants. The landscape of southern California, with the mountains and foothills rolling down to the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, is undeniably beautiful. Unfortunately, this same landscape also creates airflow patterns that result in some very ugly smog being trapped over our cities. While LA County and southern California as a whole have made great strides towards reducing emissions and smoggy days have become fewer and less severe, we still have a problem. According to the American Lung Association’s State of the Air Report for 2015, the top 5 worst metro areas for ozone levels, year-round particulate pollution, and short-term particulate pollution were all located in California. The Los Angeles-Long Beach area had the worst ranking for ozone, aka smog, and the 5th-worst ranking for both year-round and short-term particulate pollution. This is all despite the fact that in 2013 this area had 71.8 fewer high ozone days than in 1996 and 73.3 fewer high particulate pollution days since 2000. In other words, the situation is getting better, but slowly. What are residents of southern California supposed to do in the meantime? This summer may be a particularly bad one for…...

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Professional AC Coil Cleaning

May 25, 2015

Learn about the 4 steps required for truly effective air conditioner coil cleaning. Have you been keeping up with your air conditioner maintenance? We’re talking about more than just changing or cleaning filters here. There are many other tasks required to keep your unit in safe and reliable operating condition. Perhaps the most important one from an energy savings and performance perspective is air conditioner coil cleaning. Air conditioners create cooled air by taking advantage of the heat transfer through their evaporator and condenser coils. When these coils become dirty, the evaporation and condensation process becomes less efficient. This means the system has to work harder to produce cold air, taking more time and using more energy in the process. The increased wear and tear on the system can also make your air conditioner break down or fail sooner. By having your air conditioner coils professionally cleaned as part of an air conditioner maintenance visit, you can improve the energy efficiency of the system by up to 16 percent, improve its longevity, and restore cool and comfortable air to your property. 4 Steps in Professional AC Coil Cleaning Vacuuming: Using a two-speed vacuum that can both blow and suck, an…...

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Insulation: It’s Not Just a Wintertime Concern

May 22, 2015

Proper attic insulation can help keep summertime cooling costs down. When most people think of insulation, the first thing that comes to mind is an image of a house all bundled up against the winter cold. And while insulation does have an important role to play in keeping heat in and chilly winter winds out, winter is not the only season when you need insulation. Insulation also plays a vital role in the summertime by helping to keep cooled air in and hot outdoor air out. If you have a home that was built before air conditioning became a standard feature rather than a luxury, it is entirely possible that this summertime benefit of insulation was overlooked by the builder. It’s possible that any contractors who may have retrofitted the home with air conditioning overlooked proper insulation as well. Now, you may very well be spending more on your cooling bills than necessary and still living with poor indoor air comfort. Even if you have a newer home, you might have sub-par insulation, because over time certain types of insulation may shift, get wet, or otherwise become compromised. Get Your Insulation Evaluated Today Up to 40 percent of the air…...

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Options for Owners of AC Units Using R-22

April 30, 2015

If your air conditioner uses ozone-depleting R-22 coolant, you may need to make some changes. As of 2015, we are now in Phase 3 of a 4-part plan to virtually eliminate the use of the environmentally hazardous coolant R-22 in America. While the manufacture of new air conditioners, heat pumps, and other equipment using R-22 has already ceased, it is still permissible to run older equipment using this coolant. If your property features an R-22 cooled unit, you have 3 main options going forward. Continue Using R-22 The first option is to continue using your current cooling equipment as-is. While this is a valid choice, it may not be the most cost-effective one if your air conditioner should ever need a coolant top-off. The R-22 phase-out plan does not call for the scrapping or decommissioning of existing R-22 equipment. However, it will put an end to the production or import of R-22 in the US by 2020. The only coolant available will be from recycled sources, namely coolant recovered or reclaimed from old equipment. Naturally the supply of R-22 coolant is going to shrink dramatically. Hopefully, so will the demand, but the low supply is still likely to cause R-22…...

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Do You Have a False Sense of Security About Your Air Conditioner?

April 28, 2015

Just because your air conditioner seems to be working just fine doesn’t mean you can neglect maintenance. Air conditioning is one of those modern conveniences that has made the leap from a luxury to an outright necessity for many Americans. We rely on our air conditioning systems to keep us cool and comfortable, yet most people have little understanding of how exactly the system works or how to tell if it needs attention. Many people take an attitude of leaving well enough alone when it comes to their air conditioning equipment. In other words, they think that so long as the system is putting out cool air, they don’t have to worry about it. The reality is, just because an air conditioner has no symptoms of any kind of mechanical problem does not mean it does not need service. All air conditioners require routine annual air conditioner service in order to perform their best. If you neglect your routine service, your air conditioner may still work, but it may use more energy and/or wear out faster. Key AC Service Activities The following tasks should be completed during a routine AC service visit: Clean or replace the filter: Besides contributing to…...

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