Do I Need a Home Performance Evaluation?

November 30, 2018

As society becomes more and more conscious about climate change and its effect on the planet, energy efficiency has grown to become a staple in home construction. However, most homes are still not as efficient as they could be. Homeowners are often willing to do everything in their power to ensure that their homes remain safe, efficient, healthy, and comfortable at all times. Keeping Your Home Energy Efficient Carrying out home performance evaluations on a regular basis is one of the best ways to do that. What is a home performance evaluation? It is a comprehensive top-to-bottom assessment meant to identify and fix comfort and energy efficiency issues in your home. For the many homeowners in Monrovia, CA, looking to improve energy efficiency in their homes but have no idea where to begin, a home performance evaluation is a good idea. Sometimes, also referred to as energy audits, home performance evaluations do exactly what the name suggests. A home performance evaluation involves a visit by a skilled technician who will evaluate energy performance in your home. Poking around the HVAC system requires in-depth knowledge in building science and the use of a lot of high equipment, meaning that only a…...

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What are Decorative Air Supply Registers?

November 5, 2018

An air supply register is a covering that goes over the place on the floor, vent, or the wall where the heating and air conditioning system’s ducts enter the room. In many cases, dampers or louvers are attached to the rear of the register. These provide the ability to open or close the register itself so that the flow of air can be customized to meet the needs of the home or business owner. What Are Decorative Air Supply Registers? In the past, the air supply registers available were functional yet utilitarian in design. In other cases, the decorative vent covers didn’t offer the functionality that a plain air supply register provided. The designs of today, however, are combined into beautiful and functional air vent covers that seamlessly improve the design style of the room, home or business. SteelCrest Decorative Air Supply Registers We offer beautiful air supply registers can be complemented by optional ornamental frames and beveled edges. SteelCrest offers a range of custom sizes that feature countersunk screws, color-matched screws and are available in more than 20 standard colors. You can choose from the look of oil-rubbed bronze, wrought iron or brass with either aluminum OBD or steel…...

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What to Look for in a Heating Repair Company

October 11, 2018

There are some things that you should consider while looking for a heating repair company because not all firms are the same. Doing research can save you a lot of trouble. Below we give you some tips on what you should look for when searching for a heating repair contractor. 1. Beware of Heating Company Offer Bids Over the Phone Just as every vehicle is unique, every air heating system is unique. You should not be comfortable in any heating company that offers you an estimate over the phone. There are way too many factors to consider that a technician couldn’t possibly view over the phone; the ducting, insulation type, windows etc. 2. Experience is Not Everything You should be careful of a company that tells you they have been doing something in a particular way for a very long time e.g., 20 years. This is due to the fact that technology changes all the time, therefore you should ensure the heating company is knowledgeable in cutting-edge technologies. The most up-to-date heating systems are made to reduce utility costs and work better. 3. Contractor Should be Licensed A licensed contractor has a license to access gas lines and also conduct…...

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What is an Air Scrubber?

September 21, 2018

Precious people call your house home. Cleaning the air inside your home by eliminating particles, gasses, chemicals, odors, allergens, bacteria, and more can keep everyone safer, happier, and healthier throughout the year. Air Scrubbers help you do just that. These are portable air filtration systems that work by drawing air into the machine where it goes through a series of filters before being released back into your home. How Do Air Scrubbers Work? When the air is filtered through the machine, the pathogens are exposed to UV lights inside the scrubber device. This is in addition to the filters themselves which help trap pollutants, pollens, and other particles in the air. The UV light serves to destroy loving things in the air in your home, like dust mites, which are particularly problematic for allergy and asthma sufferers. Your Indoor Air What you may not realize is that the air inside your home can be even more toxic than outdoor air. Part of this is the result of better insulated and sealed homes today. Not only does it keep warmth and heat in your home, but it also traps dust, pollen, mold, mildew, dead skin, radon gasses, chemical fumes from products…...

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Will Air Conditioning Remove Humidity?

September 11, 2018

An air conditioner removes warm and replaces it with cool air to make your home or any other building. More comfortable during the heat of the summer weather. However, as people who have lived in different areas of the country can attest, there is more to making a room comfortable than just the air temperature. Humidity levels can be just as important as the temperature when determining the comfort level inside a building. With that said, the question comes up as to whether or not your air conditioner can also be used to dehumidify the air. The short answer is that yes, it will remove humidity, but there is more to the question and how it works in real time. How the Air Conditioning Unit Works The air conditioner moves warm air through the coils which are filled with refrigerant, cooling the air down before returning it through the duct system to cool the home. Air quality is assured with filtration to remove allergens, and humidity can be naturally removed as part of the process as the temperature change causes condensation which removes moisture from the air. Cooling Air Cooling air is the main purpose of the air conditioner, but…...

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Why Do Air Conditioning Units Freeze Up?

August 20, 2018

Many homeowners experience issues with their air conditioning units freezing up. If your air conditioner is freezing up, chances are the Freon in your system is expanding more than it should. This increased expansion causes the coils of the system to be colder than usual, freezing up the unit. Another possibility is that something is stopping the air in your home from transferring its heat to the AC unit. Here are a few reasons why air conditioning units freeze up. 1. Insufficient Air Flow A common reason air conditioning units freeze up is due to insufficient air flow. Air conditioning units function by removing heat from the home to reduce the temperature. If an air conditioning unit is failing to blow the air from the inside of your home over the evaporator coil, then this heat exchange will not take place. This means the Freon won’t be removing heat from the home as it should. With time, the temperature will drop until your AC unit freezes up. 2. Low On Refrigerant Another reason air conditioning units freeze up is due to being low on refrigerant. If your air conditioning unit doesn’t have enough refrigerant, then the pressure within the system…...

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Top Careers In HVAC

August 10, 2018

HVAC professionals make it possible for people to keep the temperatures in their homes comfortable in summer and winter. Heating and air conditioning systems take away the need to pile on warm clothing during winter and in summer when iced drinks are not enough to stay comfortable, they keep a room cool. HVAC technicians perform installation, maintenance, and repair services for the systems. The profession is growing steadily as does the construction industry. More people are realizing the importance of efficient systems and seeking the services of HVAC technicians. The following are some popular HVAC careers. HVAC Technician HVAC technician performs the services of installation, maintenance, and repairs for different HVAC systems. Different technicians may choose to specialize in different areas. Some HVAC technicians work independently while others work for companies. HVAC Engineer An HVAC engineer is in charge of planning and monitoring the installation of various systems. They make sure that a system can perform well depending on the needs of a home. They may also evaluate existing systems and point out weakness. An HVAC engineer may provide advice and recommendations. HVAC Installer The primary job of an HVAC installer is to set up different systems including air conditioning…...

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Indoor Air Quality And Health

July 17, 2018

With the improvements in home and office design that securely seal structures to resist weather effects has come an increase in awareness of indoor air quality and its effects on the human body. From an increasing understanding of secondhand smoke to the awareness of toxins that leach into the environment from paints and artificial fibers, we have learned how to decrease invisible (and not so invisible) hazards that affect our breathing. Since breathing is an essential body system what affects it obviously affects the overall health. This is why it can be a critical mistake to ignore or neglect home or office HVAC systems. These systems are significant first-line defense systems against ill health. Let us at General Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. help you keep your HVAC systems, and thus your air, in top condition. Health Issues and Toxins Some health issues that are often caused by or made worse by poor indoor air quality: Asthma Allergies Delayed Childhood Development Secondary Infections Some toxins that can exist in our indoor air include: Radon Mold Allergens Smoke and Secondhand Smoke Lead Fumes How General Can Help Here at General Heating & Cooling, Inc. we have experience and the most up-to-date…...

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Can Air Conditioning Trigger Asthma?

July 16, 2018

Do you regularly experience asthma attacks? If the answer is yes, you probably know the asthma triggers including pets, pollen, dust mites, and mold. People suffering from asthma have sensitive airways, and then they are exposed to any of the above triggers their airway will swell up, tighten and then stimulate the production of excess mucus. They will then have trouble breathing and start wheezing and develop nasal congestion and itchy eyes. In the summer heat, spending hours in air-conditioned rooms might feel like what you need, but it can trigger an asthma attack. How Do Air Conditioners Trigger Asthma Attacks? Mold often grows unnoticed in the air conditioner, and it will be spread throughout the house once you switch on the unit. Mold is one of the worst triggers of asthma, and you can have an asthma attack when you use the air conditioner. Mold requires a wet environment to thrive, and air conditioners allow moisture and other debris to accumulate in the air handler. Mold growing in the air conditioning is blown out of the vents and then settles on other surfaces and starts a new colony. Identifying Mold in Your AC Most people will not realize they…...

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Advantage of a Zoning System

June 10, 2018

Central heating and cooling was a big deal when it first came out. Not only did this type of heating and cooling help save money on energy bills, but it also provided people with a way to maintain a more comfortable temperature all throughout the home. And even though this type of heating and cooling does come with several advantages, there are a few aspects where it is lacking, and this is especially seen when comparing it to the advantages of a zoning system. What Is a Zoning System? A central heating and cooling system can keep the temperature throughout your entire house at the same level using efficient forms of temperature regulation. It cannot, however, vary the temperatures in one room to the next. Take for example you want to keep the temperature in your kitchen and living room at a comfortable 72 degrees during the day because that’s where you and the kiddos hang. You would prefer for the bedrooms to stay at 65 degrees since you won’t be in them until around 8 p.m. at night. With a zoning system, you can do this. The Advantages of a Zoning System The most notable advantage of a zoning…...

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