Benefits of Financing Your Cooling System

July 1, 2019

Air conditioning units can cost thousands of dollars for you to purchase and install. While that may represent a good use of your money, it may not always be practical for you to pay all at once. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to consider financing options. Don’t Deplete Your Savings Ideally, you will have enough funds in your savings account to last you in the event of a financial emergency occurs. While replacing your air conditioner may be necessary, it shouldn’t come at the expense of your short-term financial situation. At in the San Gabriel Valley, we offer a variety of financing options to help you pay for an air conditioner in a manner that best fits your budget. We can also install your new air conditioner and provide ongoing service as needed. You Might Not Have to Pay No Interest Financing When you apply for a credit card, it may be possible to receive an introductory rate of zero percent for up to 18 months or longer. Therefore, you can pay for your purchase over time without having to worry about paying interest to a lender. If you can’t pay for the purchase before the introductory…...

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Easy Ways to Lower Your Summer Cooling Bills

June 26, 2019

The heat of summer in this region goes hand in hand with higher energy bills, but you shouldn’t have to pay a small fortune to stay cool. Fortunately, there are ways you can cut down on your utility bills without needing to power down your AC. The technicians at in Monrovia are experts on energy efficiency. Try our recommendations for lowering your summer cooling costs. Set the Thermostat There’s nothing wrong with firing up the AC when you’re at home to enjoy it, but you probably don’t want to pay the extra expense to keep an empty house cool. By using a programmable thermostat, you can set your AC to run at times when you and your family are home and then raise the temperature when you all leave for the day. Draw the Shades Curtains provide us with shade and privacy, but many homeowners don’t realize that curtains also have the power to lower their cooling expenses. When you draw your shades during the day, they block sunlight from entering your home. Less sunlight means a lower internal air temperature, which in turn, means your AC isn’t working as hard to cool down the house. Schedule an AC Tune-Up…...

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What’s the Difference Between HVAC and AC?

June 1, 2019

In the air conditioning industry, the term HVAC is often used instead of AC. HVAC refers to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, whereas AC simply refers to air conditioning. AC is generally used when referring to systems that are designed to cool the air in your home. Window units and central AC are standard systems that are widely used. HVAC can include heat pumps and gas furnaces as well as air conditioning units. This means HVAC deals with both heating and cooling. Companies will use the terms interchangeably because many AC repair services deal with both heating and cooling solutions. HVAC also covers ventilation and ductwork. Air Conditioners There are two basic air conditioner types that are widely used: window units and central AC. Window units tend to cool single rooms and are less powerful than central AC. Central AC can cool an entire house and be designed to regulate the cooled air in different ways. Air conditioners can be used in conjunction with furnaces to maintain heat in winter and cooling in summer. Heat Pumps A full HVAC system will include central heating. One of the most common central heating solutions in the heat pump. Heat pumps provide both…...

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Will Closing Vents Reduce Energy Costs?

May 22, 2019

We live in a time when it really pays to be energy-conscious. You may be like a lot of people who turn off lights and even close the air returns in rooms that aren’t being used. Closing registers is a common practice among many homeowners because it seems intuitive, but does it really work? Do You Have a Zoned System? Here at , a leading heating and air conditioning company in Monrovia, we normally recommend against closing vents. There is an exception to our advice, however, which is a zoned duct, multistage system with a variable-speed ECM blower. While these are becoming more common, they aren’t commonplace, and you’d likely know if you have one. A Matter of Pressure The reason why closing vents won’t work for most of us and can even be detrimental is a matter of pressure. Home comfort systems are balanced based on an expected pressure level. In other words, your blower is chosen and calibrated to push against a certain resistance. When you close a register, the pressure difference increases and your blower will then work harder than intended. A similar effect occurs when you don’t change your air filters and the system has to…...

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How to Choose an HVAC Repair Company

May 2, 2019

Whether you need to have an HVAC component repaired or replaced, it is important that the job is done right the first time. To increase the chances that the job is done properly the first time, you should know what to look for in a quality HVAC repair company. Here are a few tips to help you find the best company to fit your needs and budget. The Technicians Have All Been Trained Properly Ideally, the technician who performs repair or other HVAC work at your home has been NATE certified. At a minimum, he or she should have an understanding of how air conditioning and heating systems work and how to complete a project in a timely manner. At in Monrovia, CA, our NATE-certified technicians can repair, install or perform routine maintenance on HVAC components from most brands. Does An HVAC Company Have Connections With a Major Brand? If a major company is willing to endorse your HVAC service provider, there is a good chance that you can trust that service provider as well. Being a factory authorized dealer means that whoever is installing or maintaining your equipment has a complete understanding of how it works. Quality HVAC Companies…...

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How to Maintain Excellent Indoor Air Quality

April 18, 2019

Did you know that the air inside your home is often more polluted than the air outdoors? The EPA warns that the average American spends 90 percent of his or her time in an indoor environment where the concentration of pollutants is as much as five times higher than in the air outside. What are the steps that you can take to achieve great indoor air quality? Ensure Proper Ventilation At , we emphasize proper ventilation to all our customers. If you can open windows and doors to let some fresh air in during fine weather, that’s a great start. However, you won’t always be able to do that, and modern homes are sealed rather tightly. Consequently, you need to be careful about what you bring into your home, how you clean the premises and how well your air handling equipment functions. Your heating and cooling system should be properly maintained and routinely inspected. Vacuum Often When dealing with poor indoor air quality, dust is a leading culprit because it contains pollutants that are released slowly. The professionals from recommend dusting with microfiber and vacuuming often, preferably with a HEPA filter. You should also schedule duct cleaning in order to…...

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The Importance of Changing AC Filters

April 8, 2019

Air conditioning is a modern convenience that many of us in southern California would have a hard time living without. In order for your AC to keep working properly, it does need a little bit of attention. The filter is one of the most important, and one of the simplest, things that you can address. What a Clogged Air Filter Can Do You may be trying to remember the last time you changed your air filter. If this is the case, then it may have dust and dirt on it. When that debris gets caked on, the air has trouble moving through the filter. This can cause your AC to work harder than it has to. Over time, your motor might burn out, or your system could overheat. A clogged air filter can also reduce the system’s ability to keep allergens out of the home. If the AC is blowing around the air with dust, pollen, and other particulates, then anyone who’s sensitive may experience symptoms. The Results of a New Air Filter When you use clean air filters in your AC, you may: Improve the indoor air quality Extend the lifespan of your cooling system Prevent major problems from…...

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3 Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Humidifier This Winter

March 20, 2019

1. Protect the Wood in Your Home can install a premium humidifier inside of your home that will provide many benefits. When you start to use your heat this winter, you may notice that your indoor air becomes dry. Dry air is dangerous to wood, and it can cause it to split or crack. By having a humidifier installed, you can be sure that your wood furniture, doors, molding, and other items will stay strong and looking their best. It is important for your home environment to have enough moisture in it. This will help the property to stay in excellent shape throughout the years. 2. Stay Healthy Having a healthy home environment is vital to avoiding illnesses. A virus will thrive in dry air environments. However, a humidifier can help make your home a healthier place to be. If you wake up with a dry throat or feel like you sound raspy in the morning, a humidifier can help get rid of that. Dry air can also dry out your sinuses. By having a humidifier installed in your home this winter, you can breathe easier and feel better overall. A humidifier is one fast way to improve the air…...

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Benefits of HVAC Product Warranties

March 8, 2019

Basic warranties are included in the sticker price of most HVAC equipment. Since they add real value to the purchase, it’s important to consider what they provide. The following are four core benefits that are provided. 1. Predictable Total Cost of Ownership At , we install and service all make and models of HVAC equipment, but we’re also proud to be a Carrier authorized dealer. Warranties are important to Carrier, and they’re important to us. They are also valuable to our Monrovia customers. A big reason why they’re so valuable is that they make it easier to predict the long-term cost of the equipment you choose. If a defect occurs, you know you’re not going to have to pay for it. 2. Free Parts When it comes to furnaces and air conditioners, some wear and tear are expected. But what happens when a major component falters or fails before its time? The manufacturer warranty protects you. They will dispatch an authorized dealer to your home—usually, the same company that installed the system, if applicable—and cover the costs of all the parts that the project requires. 3. Free or Reduced Labor Manufacturer warranties will generally cover labor as well along with…...

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A Quick Guide on Choosing a New HVAC

February 20, 2019

HVAC systems can completely break or provide an inefficient operation that doesn’t adequately control the climate of your home. If you’re in a situation like this, you could end up looking for a completely new air conditioner, furnace or heat pump. This is precisely why we wrote a guide on this topic to help our customers. Carefully Investigate the State of Your Air Ducts Even though a new system can significantly help the climate in your home, clean and functional ducting is just as important. If your ducts are dirty or inefficient in general, your HVAC system won’t be able to provide clean air to your home. Find a High-Quality Furnace to Use for Heating Your Home Upgrading your furnace means you’ll save money and have peace of mind during cold winters. If you want to purchase a new furnace, you should recognize that many of them use different types of air handlers, so make sure you choose the one that works best for your heating needs. Make Sure You Select an Efficient Air Conditioner Your air conditioner is the king of comfort during intense summers. Make sure you purchase the right one by checking its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency…...

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