Upgrade Your AC Unit in Monrovia Today!

September 27, 2017

Have you been shopping for new models for air conditioners in Monrovia? If so, the team of experts at General Heating & Air Conditioning can assist you in finding the very best cooling system to suit your needs. You’ll enjoy many benefits of a new system: Increased energy efficiency Lower monthly cooling bills Better indoor air quality Even home cooling A properly sized system for your space Quieter operation Proper and efficient installation, which will eliminate the need for services down the road Longer system lifespan We know that upgrading to a new air conditioner is a large, costly decision and that’s why our heating and cooling professionals will walk you through the process to ensure you’re comfortable with your decision. With a new, energy efficient system, the system will cool using a fraction of the energy that older systems use to cool. You will notice your energy bills reduced, which may offset the cost of a new system with time. We have a broad range of energy efficient options for you to choose from at General Heating & Air Conditioning. Don’t wait a moment longer – contact us today to learn more about our high-quality products, and our unmatched customer service. When you…...

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Reasons to Get an AC Check-Up in Monrovia

September 18, 2017

For most of us, getting your car serviced (oil changes, tune-ups, safety inspections) on a regular basis is second nature. We know that preventative maintenance is one of the smartest, most cost-effective ways to get the most miles out of your vehicle at the lowest cost. Here at , we think regular maintenance on your HVAC unit is just as important. After all, you rely on your HVAC every day, especially in the summer months, to keep your house comfortable for you and your family. That’s why it’s so important to get an AC unit check-up. Here are just a few reasons why we feel this is important: You’ll save money over the long run. Buying a house is a big financial commitment – most likely the largest you’ll ever make – and getting an AC checkup from a certified technician with a reputable company (like ) will help you protect that investment. Since cooling and heating can account for almost half of a California homeowner’s energy costs, getting an AC check-up can have a real impact on your bottom line. It can improve your unit’s efficiency and reduce your energy costs – build-up from not cleaning your unit can…...

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Upgrading Your Thermostat

August 23, 2017

For many homeowners, there is always the fear that they’ve left their HVAC systems running even though they are no longer there to enjoy them. Rather than having to drive all the way back to your house, you can make adjustments from any location of your choosing. This can all be done with a smart thermostat! You can also have your smart thermostat paired with other smart technologies throughout your home so that features like entertainment and security can be easily adapted as well. This added benefit gives you the home control you desire, from anywhere in the world! Have questions? can help. We know how these thermostats work and we can offer exceptional comfort solutions for you. There is nothing like being able to warm your home up on a cold night even before you have arrived. This is also a great way to enjoy cool indoor temperatures on sweltering hot days, without having to waste a lot of energy. Parents no longer need to worry about whether or not their kids are turning their thermostats up too high or down too low. They can always quickly and easily check the exact settings for these units. Energy savings are…...

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Air Conditioning Installation Pasadena Locale

January 1, 2017

The LA Rams are finding an adjustment period due to the weather patterns in their new location. Obviously, the weather in St. Louis and Los Angeles is much different. The players are much more likely to be playing in sunshine and warm temperatures, rather than in the crisp fall temperatures more common in the St. Louis area. For air conditioning installation Pasadena homeowners and business owners can check out the latest technology which is available in the Los Angeles area....

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How To Look After HVAC Altadena Area

November 25, 2016

A thunderstorm can leave people petrified from its very first rumble or lightening. The fear you feel is justified as the lightening produced by thunderstorms is dangerous. But you can take some safety steps to protect your home and its electrical appliances. Consider seeking the help of HVAC Altadena specialists for all your Arcadia HVAC installation needs....

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Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe After The Latest Earthquake Advisory In Southern California

October 21, 2016

Some states experience hurricanes and tornadoes while others are prone to earthquakes. Fortunately, there are always things that people can do to mitigate the dangers that are inherent of the regions they live in. Given the recent earthquake advisory in Southern California, it is important for residents of this great state to take action for ensuring their continued well-being after one of these major events....

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HVAC Altadena Arcadia HVAC Installation Air Conditioning Installation Pasadena

October 12, 2016

Southern California is experiencing another round of wildfires which have forced evacuations. Although fires are not an unusual condition in this part of the world, for the families who are forced to leave their homes on a moment's notice, the story is new and devastating. There is little that can be done to prepare for an emergency evacuation, but notice should be taken of the progress of wildfires and advisories about leaving. In the case of HVAC Altadena Arcadia HVAC installation air conditioning installation Pasadena residents can prepare for eventualities of heat and cold....

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Record Heat And California Avocado Crops Not A Good Combination

August 23, 2016

Temperatures in Southern California have climbed well over triple digits this year. The high temperatures and strong winds early in the season have negative implications for California avocado farmers. Record heat and California avocado crops are already showing the effects of the early-season heat wave. Some farmers in the Golden State are concerned that they will lose a significant part of their profits for the peak season period....

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What To Do When Your AC Unit Won’t Cool Your Home Adequately

June 27, 2016

Air conditioning has become an integral part of all our lives. It makes our homes and workplaces bearable during the hottest parts of the day in summer. However, in some regions, the heat can become so intense outside that the units become unable to keep up. This is why it is important to know what to do when your AC unit won't cool your home adequately....

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How To Find A Reliable AC Repair

June 27, 2016

When looking for an air conditioning service, certified and experienced technicians must be called offering safe solutions for installation, fixtures, and maintenance. Customers can depend on a modern heating and cooling business to deliver a high standard of workmanship and ensure that comfortable indoor temperatures are maintained. Learn here how to find reliable AC repair....

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